Learn more about nVidia's chip performance GF104

3DCenter: "With nVidia now turn now to the high-end graphics chip GF100 Fermi-architecture for the home stretch, there's finally tangible details of one of the following graphics chips from the Fermi architecture. Finally, included with the GF100 nVidia chip and video card for its price of 300 to 600 euros (that has the following dual-chip version) by the number of units to cover her a more manageable portion of the market, which is undoubtedly connected with the larger business solutions, including settled made.

And here it pushes just as with the GF100-chip, since ATI is now on the road for several weeks with a full DirectX11-product program, which can currently still offered by nVidia DirectX10 lookout accelerator slowly but surely a bit old. nVidia had had already shown that the GF100-chip subordinate performance chip will not come all too late, one is aiming to launch in the second quarter of the year.The Fermi-based graphics chips for mainstream and low-cost segments will then follow in late summer or early autumn. "

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