ModNation Racers PS3: Bringing The BOOM with Weapons

Nick Letizia on the PS Blog writes: "When making ModNation Racers, we realized the need to advance the kart racing genre to the next level with a more physical driving model, but we also wanted to change how players use weapons. Nothing feels better than taking an opponent down, but that feeling of euphoria is soon forgotten when you are on the receiving end of an attack. Weapons can change the course of a race - it's one of the defining characteristics in this genre, but we wanted to reduce the frustration of unskilled randomness. We wanted to give players more options."

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MrMacabre3127d ago

This looks better every time I see a new video :D can't wait.

B-Real2063127d ago

im with ya! 3D dot heroes on the 5th and this on the 25th what an awesome month