2.5 mill Consoles Defective

According to FOX News (10pm TV News Report), an estimated 2.5 million Xbox 360s have been reported defective. This could be the reason behind the 1.1 Billion $ fix and warranty extension.

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The BS Police4588d ago

Last time I checked, Microsoft was well aware of issues with the Xbox 360 console since 2005.

Shadow Flare4588d ago

they were blaming the issues on the consumer

HeartlesskizZ4588d ago

you are so right, I call them back in february for a tech suport on disk scratching and the damn red light and all they said was Is under your responsability Ms, I yeild at them and hang up

coolmatrix4588d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

MS in an attempt to cut off the CLASS ACTION lawsuit in the pipeline is trying to dampen the claims of the Class Action Lawsuit soon to be announced.

Their efforts would fall short though because MS keeps spinning the number of defective consoles rather than having a complete recall.

Defective consoles could be as high as 60 - 70% based on insiders figures.

Photos and videos of defective consoles from inside the factories will be shown shortly.

QUOTE: "You tell the truth but you explain a lie"

Time will tell when the Class Action makes it to the front page

60 - 70 percent =

One loser buys a 360. Its fails, gets another 360 and its fails and so on.

MULTIPLE REFURB 360s = 60 - 70%

Some losers are getting 100% bad 360s.
Some losers got one so that individual failure rate is 50%

Caxtus7504588d ago

your post was going fine.....until the rediciculous statistic of 60-70%

can you visulise that? or did you get it out of your head at random.

That is 3 xbox 360s working in a product recall

Lifendz4587d ago

I agree with you. I had one fanboy tell me it's the fault of people that don't read the manual before operating their 360. I was like, who the **** reads a manual before hooking up a system?

SDS Gamerfiend4587d ago

3 year warranty support to fix all of their flaws at their expense(now that`s standing behind your product!) And the best version of Virtua Fighter with online support WOW!!!

Vavoom4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

OMG Sony is out chance to use the Sony issued match to ignite the fuel. Besides, we're not playing games (Because we have none) so like keep beating the SH!T out of the broken xbox rate.

Also "According to Fox News" an estimated 2.5 billion consoles are defective. (Which is 20 Percent of 12 million, not 30. Not that that makes it any better.)

Oh yeah, and below some MORON actually said the rate according to his psycotic mind 60-70 percent. (No that's just STUPID!)

Anyway, this is a classic example of a witch hunt.

Okay, start your bashing now, I'll take one for the team.

If you were watching TV and the same new stories came on night night, you would say "Man this SH!T is old news." yet, you like this old story and since you are a sony fanboy you can listen to it all day long. But it still don't answer the question of why the PS3's sales are down. That's what your real problem and concern should be not, the XBOX360 break rate.

But I understand, it makes you feel better, kinda like if you found out that the guy that stole your girlfriend got hit by a car.

MADGameR4587d ago

There are lots of articles that Microsoft DOES indeed admit that the X Box 360 is having issues.

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nextgengaming184588d ago

Microsoft finally did the right thing. But am I the only one who believes that they were a year and a half late?

The Snake4588d ago

Better late than never.

SofaKingReetodded4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

between doing the right thing to begin with and being FORCED to "do the right thing" to avoid a public relations disaster.

too late on that count IMO.

coolmatrix4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

MS did not release FULL disclosure of Percentage of failed 360s.

MS ONLY said they will allocate 1.1 billion and three years to fix ALL consoles that will or have broken in the next three years.

MS is trying to appease the marketplace since it can no longer hide behind the issue.

Once the videos and pictures are released along with ALL repair shops invoices the truth will be known.

They are running ahead of the Class Action where they would have to release the facts and NOT SPIN behind lies.

How many consoles really sold? Less than 10 million.

Of that how many defective so far? 60 - 70 percent!

What is the cause of the faulty 360? Not us but blame the people who build our 360s. Yea right!!!

Adamalicious4587d ago

I think the "right thing", ultimately, would have been to not ship a product of such low build quality. I imagine they weren't aware of the issues that have arisen, but they certainly knew what they'd built and what they'd built it out of. The warranty extension is fine, but I don't think they deserve a cookie - they are just covering their own butts. It's better than not doing it - I just don't think we should praise them for it especially given how long it took them to admit there was even a problem.

WafflesID4587d ago


When was the last time you saw a computer this small with 3 dual core processors?

The only way around this would be to delay the box for a year to see if anything happens with their test batch.

Remember how small the original PS3 was supposed to be? Yeaaaah.

Assuming the PS3 stays problem free, sony really did do an INCREDIBLY job designing the box. But you can't say that MS did a horrible job. If cooling a processor was so damn easy why do you think they are STILL refining PC cooling solutions? Sometimes the original design doesn't work as well as planned and you just don't notice the design flaws until its been under heavy usage for a long period of time.

Yeah, the 360 wasn't perfect, but Its still a hell of a console. Bottom line.

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snoop_dizzle4588d ago

at an advantage here.

Remember that Msoft is an extremely powerful and big company.

i Shank u4588d ago

its good to see no matter how big the company is, alot of us knew there was a problem wether its 10% or %30, and bithcing and bithcing and being vocal about it seems to have kept the problem in the spotlight and got the problem taken care of instead of it getting swept away. sweet vindication

Omegasyde4587d ago

Actually Snoop, Sony and Nintendo can capitalize on this. Smear advertizing is a powerful tool, Nintendo did it to Sony.

I don't know if Sony will, But Nintendo of America might. With a new
commercial showing a blonde in a bikini as Nintendo and .....

Dare I say what character they will Display as the Xbox is...

Effects Guardian4588d ago

Sony's not going to get an advantage from this.

A STANDARD 3 year warranty is not a bad thing. Refunding people who paid for their refurbished consoles is not a bad thing. And Sony dropping the price by $100 is pretty useless. It's still $100 dollars more expensive than the average 360 SKU that's bought (premium) and $200 dollars more expensive than the casual 360 SKU (core).

If you want to go hardcore and compare the Elite, then it's only a measly $20 dollars cheaper. But you get 2x the storage capacity and a greater selection of games.

And I love how these people get excited over a $100 dollar price cut when MS hasn't even mentioned a price cut yet. Then it's over.

chasegamez4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

im willing to spend a little more on a something that will last
i got an xbox360 that $hit didnt last 2months
i have ps3 with 160gb hard drive in it

DrPirate4588d ago

Yeah I agree with 1.1.

I try my best to be console neutral, but in this case you're dead wrong. I'd rathe rspend an extra 100 dollars and get something built with quality. Plus Blu-Ray is pretty next gen. 100 dollars extra grants me a next-gen format player. If more people had PS3's maybe more developers would start using that extra space instead of focusin on the lowest common denominator.

4588d ago
leon764588d ago

totally agree with 4.1 4.2 and 4.3. it's the +$100 most well spent in your lives!

commadore654588d ago

I've thought about gettin a 360 in the past. Horror stories of rrod put me off a bit. If there is a 3 year warranty on the console it wont matter if it breaks. Hopefully MS might actually think about fixin it in newer systems now their payin the bill.

Aeroglyphics4588d ago

What happens when it breaks again after the 3 year warranty ends. Unless the warranty keeps getting bumped up everytime your system breaks, this seems kind of pointless.

Arkham4587d ago

The 3 year warranty is only for 3 Red Ring errors. All other problems fall under the regular warranty.

But the good news is that Moore said they would actually be retroactively reimbursing people who have paid for a 3RROD fix/replacement. That's what surprised me.

funkysolo4587d ago

better game selection, what the hell are you talking about how many killer app are on the 360 as we speak, maybe 3 or 4 and that's you big selection, stupid people make stupid comments. PS3 has the better game library coming by far this holiday season. Let's compare now PS3 you get $60 gig harddrive, wifi, HDdrive,bluetooth, card reader, free online and of course the main, more reliable powerful console. I think buy far $100 is nothing compare to you getting a superior product.

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NoUseMerc4588d ago

Its due to the sodder joints. Actually what a ton of tech experts are saying, when the 360 heats up the motherboard bends and the sodder joints for the CPU and GPU break

snoop_dizzle4588d ago

i have played my 360 for hours straight and it barely gets hot.

Sure its well ventilated but shouldn't i be experiencing something by now?

Oh well if i do, i get it replaced for free so i can't really complain.

4588d ago
Nervsys4588d ago

Mine is the same.

I've been quite paranoid about mine overheating, but after a couple of hours of play I often check it and its almost cold.

Perhaps the issue is dependent on which supplier built it, or even whether you stand it on end or not. I had a zip drive that only worked horizontally but was supposed to work vertically too.

macalatus4588d ago


Leave the guy alone, would ya? Snoop was merely stating that his 360 is somehow still working good, and not a flamebait comment. Although the "red ring of death" isn't a Sony made, "urban legend" as many die hard Xbots in this site would like to preach, it doesn't mean that every 360 has to go through it after one year (or less).

snoop_dizzle4587d ago

you know man, my ps2s shouldn't have crapped out on me, but i stuck with it because it had the games i want.

Whats good about this is i can get it replaced it for free.

And i said i can't complain because my 360 hasn't broken down yet,

and if it does, i get it replaced for free.

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