Warhammer Online Streamlines Trial Transition

It's been a while since Warhammer Online moved to an unlimited free trial, allowing players to experience the Tier 1 game without any time restrictions. It seems to have been a pretty good move for the game, and they're obviously happy enough with how it's been going to sweeten the deal for trial players.

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Drithe3131d ago

I will tell you what happened. In the beginning everyone was taking keeps fast and killing fast. Some were complaining that was all they did and the pvp was non existent but that was a lie. Late nighters often times didnt have alot of people so we took keeps and got rps that way too. But again peeps complained.

They nerfed the rps you got from keeps. They nerfed the rps you got from taking objectives too. Eventually they gave more rps for taking the whole zone, but there realms was not equally spread out in numbers or class balance.

Order had the advantage for a LONG LONG TIME and got to the cities over and over again before ONE DESTRUCTION even looked at an enemy city.

HERE IS SOMETHING FUNNY ON THIS THOUGH! In Dark Age of Camelot they upped the points you get in taking keeps and towers to speed the game up but nerfed Warhammer?

But the pvp didnt kill it as much as the CRAPPY PVE PARTS IN THE END GAME.

I mean you had to spend days doing certain INSTANCES JUST TO GET A CHANCE TO GET A DROP! I myself spent over 6 months doing the EMERALD FOREST (cant remember name) type instance and NEVER GOT ALL MY ARMORS. Yet some did it in 3 weeks.

This game was designed to make you repeat quests, that at first, were awesome to do and very fun, but after the 100th time you did it it drove you crazy. On top of this TIME SINK PROGRAM that mythic and MARK JACOBS made up, the game was just got boring and dull. It stopped being about fun. They did thier BEST to slow things down.

Someone, one day, will make an MMORPG that doesnt believe in TIMESINKS GAMES that makes you do quests over and over and just keeps making NEW quests that are fun to play. I mean that is why we pay 15 bucks a month right?

Most peeps just play the free servers of mmorpgs now. It just isnt worth 15 bucks any more to play these craptacular games.

End of Line.