GamerNode: Rage of the Gladiator Review

Imagine you are the prince of a distant land, whose mother and father have both died, and now, for some reason, you are fighting in a Roman-style coliseum against one of the most widely diverse pantheons of poorly rendered bosses to date. There are some obvious character variations from Greek mythology, like a chimera creature and a sea witch, but then you stumble upon the snake charmer, the ninja, the floating eyeballs, the demon, the elderly martial arts master. You may think that this is the point where you decide it's all a little too ridiculous, but the game you are playing, Rage of the Gladiator, keeps you sucked in. How, you can't be sure, but you feel that gaming urge to conquer and to complete your quest, no matter the nonsense in your way. And this is where the first WiiWare title to sport MotionPlus compatibility succeeds.

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