SCEE change dates for PlayStation Store update

Ps3gen write : "A press release recently sent to developers said the date for updating the PlayStation Store is subject to change. Indeed, from 5 May, the updates to the virtual platform will be made Wednesday."

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vhero3131d ago

Finally they are gonna release on the same day as 360. Something fans have wanted for a long time now. So 360 owners can no longer say they get DLC content first.

Karum3131d ago

I've got used to it being on a Thursday tbh, had no problem with it really.

Getting DLC you're looking forward to a bit earlier though is a good thing, hopefully it doesn't mean more DLC releases miss their deadline and get pushed back a week even more than it does at the moment.

Pennywise3131d ago

I don't care which day they are released. Wednesday is better than Thursday... but, I wish they would update the NA store earlier in the day. Waiting until 9PM eastern is stupid.

Baka-akaB3131d ago

I dont really understand how can anyone say "meh" to earlier updates .

It's hardly anything stellar but a good change nonetheless

Ju3131d ago

Noooo. They copied the competition. Again.



The Great Melon3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Thursday never bothered me a bit. I have college to worry about during the week, so getting it earlier only tempts me more to not work when I should. I am just glad the new stuff is there on Friday when I have time to play games.

SWORDF1SH3131d ago

News Just In. Microsoft will change the day that they update Live. It is changing from a wednesday to a tuesday.

What are the odds of that lol.

Weaksauce11383131d ago

I have no idea why thay havent made it Tuesdays (the same days as game releases). I'm tired of waiting for launch DLC and delays on getting PSP games for my Go!

Their archetecture needs work since they can't just push content multiple times a week either like Live can.

makingdamage3131d ago

I´m a fan and I havent wanted it but I understand if a lot of people do. I kind of like the updates to be on thursday, the day before the weekend start (that is friday 16:00). Almost just in time for the weekend which is when I got more time to play.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3131d ago

@pennywise : actually the SCEA use the pacific time for the update so... when its 9pm for you its something around 5pm for SCEA (or at least those who update the psn)

But will the North American psn follow this cause, if they dont follow the european psn its really stupid!

Pennywise3131d ago

I understand that... But why update at the end of their workday? Do it @ Noon pacific. I like that idea.

ShinnokDrako3131d ago

Tbh, i don't care at all about the day... i care only if they skip the week =P or if they delay things.

koehler833131d ago

Must be nice.

Personally I'm not concerned about the day.. I'm more pissed off by the times. SCEA strolls into their nice warm California offices mid-afternoon and expect those of us on the other end of the continent to stay up past the Daily Show and wait for them if we have any desire to actually ENJOY the things the update brings.


Crystallis3131d ago

I agree Penny, the day change doesnt matter to me just the 9pm time is crazy. I wish they change the time to at least 7pm est time.

JD_Shadow3131d ago

If you think about it, though, it may be earlier than you think, because we all may be going on when we first see it hit N4G's front page as when they actually update the store. The store updates, and THEN, someone sees the news, submits it, waits for the approvals, and waits for the news to hit 50 degrees. I don't know how many people subscribe to the RSS or whatnot, but I can imagine that Sony would've already be an hour into the update being posted to the blog before N4G users who only get their news from this site know that anything has happened.

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