StarCraft 2 Beta Wipe

The StarCraft 2 beta has been wiped, setting everyone's stats back to Zero, and forcing people to re-register their nicknames.

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Medievaldragon3838d ago

Oh well, its beta. Anything can happen. Lucky I wrote them down in advance.

JsonHenry3838d ago

I just want in the beta period. They could wipe me clean every day for all I care, I just want in!

toaster3838d ago

Is this the envy thread? I want in too QQ

Leord3838d ago

This is good, I can remedy my Copper League placement without 100's of matches :P

King Klear3838d ago

Yeah.. I know I've been getting a little better lately. I hope I'll end up in the copper again, but on the first place =)

DeepThought3838d ago

yeah, a clean slate. already got replaced to platinum instead of gold :)

UIOP3838d ago

Gah, now I will be too afraid to play for a while.. you don't want to end up against Deep.. ;)

AndyA3838d ago

Brilliant, look forward to registering again.

Cogo3838d ago

Cool. A friend of mine accidentally used his real life name as username :)

Leord3838d ago

Ouch, bugger. Well this is good luck then.

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The story is too old to be commented.