Critical Gamer: Final Fantasy XIII: Review

Critical Gamer writes: If you're not a patient person, you may as well write off Final Fantasy XIII right now. Square's latest is an unfinished experiment, and the players are the unwitting guinea pigs. The game begins at a constipated pace, finally passing its first nugget of entertainment at about a dozen hours in. Those willing to subject themselves to such abuse will find pockets of brilliance in a product brimming with half-baked ideas.

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scruffy_bear3128d ago

A very controversial and harsh review, I agree with alot of the review. Square Enix seems to have drop the ball on FF 13

hay3128d ago

It's good review but too negative in my opinion. I'm sticking with my 6/10.

Bereaver3128d ago

Actually, I felt the first 20 hours to be MOSTLY 4/10. When I reached out onto the field and found a lot of monsters that I couldn't beat. It changed to a 8/10 instantly. I find myself happy with the result.

Jockie3128d ago

I agree with a lot of the things said in the review, but for me the battle system, eye candy and set piece moments elevated it to around a 6 or 7.

Redempteur3128d ago

i disagree .. you can not dumb down ff quality to 4/10 just because you don't like some changes ...ff13 is a sloid rpg whatever you can think about it being a good ff game .. it's still a good rpg ...

mjolliffe3128d ago

I'd say 5 to 7 out of 10 really...

wollie3128d ago

this game is easily one of the best in the series. Story is great, characters are great, battle system is great. I can understand not being into the first half, but I think the story, cut-scenes and character development really carry that part.

easily a 9/10

scruffy_bear3128d ago

I've played ever Final Fantasy game and this is the worst :(

Dragunov3128d ago

Story and most of the characters are just plain bad and annoying

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