I Am Alive, Beyond Good And Evil 2 And More Still Being "Worked On"

Some games we hear about all the time, they're constantly in the news, screens are often released and videos get leaked. But there are some titles that we hear nothing about after they were initially announced or hinted at. Are they still under development?

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immortal843127d ago

Can't wait for Beyond Good And Evil 2. I hope the game to perform well sales wise not like the original.

movements3127d ago

Yeah me too, I'm looking forward to Beyond Good and Evil..

young juice3127d ago

i hope they announce devil may cry 5 at e3

Redempteur3127d ago

beyond good and evil 2 ..
i want it badly

Hopefully , ubisoft will put the FULL game on the disc , including the ending ...

Freak of Nature3127d ago

*Beyond Good And Evil 2* is at or near the top of my most wanted list....

It seems the games I want the most like BG&E2,Oddworld inhabitants next game,Kingdom hearts 3,Dark cloud 3,Jak on a next gen system,the next whatever it will be game from "Media Molecule" are all in limbo at this time,I hope E3 will shed some light....

And a release date for the "Last guradian" would be nice....Why is it the games I want most have the longest waits LOL!

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Silly gameAr3127d ago

Ubisoft and THQ have been on fire these pass couple of years and it doesn't like like they're slowing down.

I'm not sure about the Outsiders because this is the first I've heard of it. I'm keeping my eye on Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Homefront though.

movements3127d ago

Yeah, Ubisoft has been bringing game on recently!

CranberryPub3127d ago

I think PC gamers may disagree with you...

Corrwin3127d ago

I would prefer no sequel at all if Ubi decide to half ass it like they do with all games.

Please do this game justice Ubi... Nobody wants an empty game like Assassin's Creed, or Prince of Persia.

Christopher3127d ago

Is this the new thing? Can't find our own news or write our own opeds, so we'll just reprint what the magazines say?

fishd3127d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.