Why MAG Is Superior To Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Original-Gamer: "With gamers upset on how Modern Warfare 2 has turned out, they're searching for an alternative. While Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been the choice for Xbox 360 and PC gamers, PS3 gamers have a superior game to choose for their multiplayer fix with MAG."

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TOO PAWNED3181d ago

BBC 2 is two times better then MAG, sorry kids

3181d ago
harlem_v13181d ago

^^ Graphics? Come on, think of something better than that.

Shang-Long3181d ago

Come on their Both great and offer different things no need to compare. Or say one is better. If you have a ps3 get both!

King_of _the_Casuals3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

People will write anything for hits. But I tried Mag and it is not even in the same league as BBC2. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad's just that BBC2 is that special.

Hit me up on my PSN: Json025h!!!

PLEASE....Disagree all you want but nobody even talks about MAG no's not even relevant. I had forgot all about it till this article poped up. Bad Company 2 is the new "IT" game...and rightfully so. That is why it has SMOKED MAG in terms of sales.

I bet most people disagreeing don't even own MAG....they just see the PS3 exclusive and brand loyalty forces a disagree. Get your head out your Arse!!!

Commander TK3181d ago

you're back. I knew u couldn't resist

ryano232773181d ago

Squad Leader - with 7 other strangers and have them follow your friendly orders, whilst sending in bombs to repel the enemy.

Platoon Leader - and when your team is doing well (or not) getting on the mic and letting them all know they are doing a great job. For you to come up with a new strategy & suddenly see 31 other guys do roughly what you just asked. Whilst sending in better bombs.

Then your missing out on an experience like no other.

Pennywise3181d ago

Personally, I like MAG better. It needs a bit more polish, but overall it is the team based FPS I would rather be playing.

MAG has spoiled me with its scale and team work. Everything else just seems small.

pixelsword3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I was in both Betas, I loved them both, but B:BC 2 does not much more than what the first one does; plus the multiplayer is fairly linear and sparsely populated for the amount of "company" the battlefield has.

I like MAG a lot better, just for the basic mechanics of the game. You can go prone, which is very helpful for getting under items and to shoot from the cover of a bush or a tuft of grass. You have sub-targets like mortar batteries, or car-pools to hit or defend, plus your weapons don't auto-target or "stick" to enemy players; which means if you don't have skill, go play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

@ King_of _the_Casuals:

No one's really talking about B:BC2 and it's a newer game, unless it's joking on it. I'm sure there's a 50/50 chance you'll see a "Why B:BC 2 is superior to MAG" article today or tomorrow, though. It got reviews and that's about all; whereas this article came up, where you decided to self-own by stating that on one's talking about MAG in a new MAG article.

-Alpha3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Both are great. But BC2 is "superior" due to:

-graphics (MAG's are obviously worse)
-gameplay variety (modes are more diverse)
-Sound (Battlefield game always has superior sound)
-vehicles (MAG's feel like an afterthought and look horrible)
-dynamics (due to destructon 2.0, every game can feel different)
-weapons (plenty more with more variety)
-maps (more, and balanced)

MAG is superior in:

-scale (of course)
-communication (people are very communicative)
-teamwork (seen more strangers use teamwork than in BC2)
-Easier to play with friends

I enjoy MAG's teamwork but it's not superior to BC2 for the reasons above. Ultimately it comes down to preference as the scale of MAG tends to draw people in. One thing I don't like about MAG is that the only way to get the best out of a game is if both teams are evenly matched, otherwise you just sit there doing nothing (like in Sabotage).

Also, people will say they just can't go back to any other game because MAG's # of players spoils them: You only ever see like 20 at a time. The concept of MAG is that you are in a war and it really requires a combined effort to win: if your team on the other side of the maps wont do their job then you wont win. You could be doing really great only to lose because of a Bravo Squad having a hard time.

I wouldn't say I can't go back to any other game after BC2, but the lack of destruction in MAG (and even MW2 when I went back for a day) is seriously underwhelming when coming off of BC2.

Again, both great games, and I play them for different reasons.

MmaFanQc3181d ago

but the only aspect better than bfbc2 is the large maps and the high number of players.

other than that, i think bfbc2 gameplay is better....IMO

nycredude3181d ago

I was going to get BC2 but then I changed my mind cause I can't seem to play anything but MAG so i have to agree with this article.

So just because YOU said it it's true right? And calling people kids? I was playing games when you were just an itch in your daddy's pants bro. Stay in school, it's cool.

King_of _the_Casuals3181d ago

No one is talking about BBC2????? WHAT! Okay, let's take N4G today as an example. There are 3 Articles dealing with BBC2 on the main page at this time. Compare that to this 1 talking about MAG. And before that there hadn't been an article on MAG for awhile. So please tell me how MAG is more relevant again???

-Alpha3181d ago

Wow, what a biased attempt at trying to make MAG look better.

Anyone can say the same by adding: "Squad Deathmatch" or "Squad Rush" or "Conquest", none of which MAG has. Yet the article uses CTF, something he very well knows BC2 doesn't have in order to declare MAG the victor?

Article does a good job explaining the rest but this reason was just off.

pixelsword3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

1. I didn't say No one's talking about Battlefield, I said "No one's really talking about B:BC2 and it's a newer game" which denotes that it's not really being talked about, versus not being talked about at all. Calm down, now; don't overreact.

2. Your statement "And before that there hadn't been an article on MAG for awhile" is incorrect:

four articles within the last twenty-four hours versus:

Three Battlefield articles within the last twenty-four hours.

And MAG's been out since what, January?

harlem_v13181d ago

@Alpha-Male22 MAG does have a Team Deathmatch, Squad Rush is just a smaller team version of Rush, and Conquest is in MAG, just called Domination. CTF is such a gimme mode, I dont understand why they didnt put it in.

pixelsword3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I would have to disagree with the statement that you don't see more than 20 people at a time; and I can give you two examples: one video, and one experience.

The video:

I was in SVER when this happened, and I took part of that, actually. I kept it a secret because it was a SVER technique, but since I'm in Raven now, screw 'em. What was happening there was everyone from the four areas met at the central square and rushed each target as a whole group. We swept through and took apart valor to the point that whole squads ran when they saw the rush. That's about 128 people descending on 32 in sets of 16 to take two objectives.

In reality, this was actually happening:

What makes MAG vastly superior is that when you have a tactician that can think of things like that, it turns the game into something not seen anywhere. You can take everyone from Battlefield and do the same thing, but you'll get no new result because the numbers are so small that it doesn't make a difference: one tank can take out a Battlefield rush. I know, because I've done it as both a driver and a tank-gunner.

The second point is every map has a way for people to meet up, so there's often times where you'll see more than twenty.

- On Sabotage, to take out the final objective, there's 64 players playing to defend or attack; plus, you can go to either objective at any point before the final objective, tipping the scale in either direction.

- In Domination, the final eight objectives are in the same block, you see dozens of people everywhere.

King_of _the_Casuals3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Yea....don't know what search you're looking at???

Your MAG search has only 3 articles.....and ONLY 3 within the last 3 DAYS!!!

And the correct search for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is this one.

And it has 25 ARTICLES from the last 3 days!!! Sorry but your false information does not fly here.(OWNED!!!) LOL

pixelsword3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I just happen to have an earlier search open, and it flipped from over three hours ago (which was when I searched for details about the flash grenades), so although they are currently not to date, which was my mistake, it still proved that you were incorrect in saying that MAG was not talked about recently, which was your point.

And what do you mean "correct search", it was the same search for B:BC, just I was looking at a 24-hour time period, which would be "recent"; you just have to scroll down a little, if any, and see the other dates, which are merely "not as recent"; which is subjective.

Geez, just give it up; your points are garbage. lol.

King_of _the_Casuals3181d ago

Yeah, yeah...excuses, excuses! Don't feel bad, I usually win all my arguments, you're not the first. I take great pleasure in hearing you say it was your "mistake." LOL

It's all in love tho.... =)

raztad3181d ago

I dont care which one is better, MAG provides me with all the action I want from a competitive multiplayer experience. I'm sticking with it. Got some friends playing BBC2/MAG and they seem to love both.

Dont forget MAG players Double XP/flashbang starting today. I've been playing so much God of War Trilogy and I got a little rusty with MAG but I'm back in action.

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Uncle Rico3181d ago

You fail to mention that MAG is a PS3 exclusive... as a PC hardcore, Ill still play my COD6 and BC2.... sorry MAG... I aint buying a PS3 for you.

harlem_v13181d ago

This story wasnt meant for you. It was meant for those with a PS3 hence the PS3 channel.

Blaster_Master3181d ago

Ha, your loss Rico. I have a question though. Have you even played it? Oh yeah, i forgot. Fanboys dont need to try a game if its not on a certain system. I feel bad for ya. you seem like you might actually genuinely like games. You really should give it a whirl. Its bad @ss.

Revvin3181d ago

"PC hardcore" lol, do you not even grasp how pathetic a title that is. We're all just gamers, some use different hardware to others but if you take the time to not only read a channel you have no interest in but to also report news in that channel then you have issues.

I have Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PC and 360, I love the series and have played the Battlefield series since the first one on the PC years ago but I also own MAG on my PS3 and while I didn't take to it straight away it has hooked me now. The article could have been written better but it makes good points as to why a gamer should not necessarily chose one game over the other but certainly take a look at MAG. I particularly like the way both games reward team work over other games. I have noticed a fair bit of spawn killing in BFBC 2 in recent days play and it is frustrating. I also like the way I can mix and match my kit in MAG over BFBC 2 although I think BFBC 2 also has the classes well balanced out.

I'm hooked on BFBC 2, mainly on the 360 at the moment though its installed on my PC but MAG is starting to eat into that play time and I've only just scratched the surface of it.

armycore3181d ago

MAG is an awesome game.

tmj3181d ago

Still don't have either, so I'll have to see for myself.

Ugly Bob3181d ago

Lol at the haters already reporting. Face it MAG is better.

TOO PAWNED3181d ago

Nope. Check Metacritic. And nope i was in both Betas, BBC2 is better game.

Double073181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Eh, nvm.

AK463181d ago

both are good games, and it all comes down to personal choice.

BlackTar1873181d ago

i like MAG more. im 24 in BGBC2 and have went thru vet mode into Valor now on MAG

Lol at meta reviews come on thats pathetic. I was in beta lol at kids these days.

Well my review was i didn't like mag for about 10hrs in fact i hated it and felt ripped off but once you go into it it gets better and better and better.

People who don't try games just cause are losers RT.

its so sad that people no longer use there own opinion and start suckling off the corporate tate for there opinions and then use themm as some sorta backing for spreading FUD

nycredude3181d ago

Too pawned

Metacritic is wack! So GTA4 is the best game of all time? Ha how come I can't get my self to play it without falling asleep? WKC is a 63? GTFO here! Gears 1 and 2 in the 90s? Again imho no! Start being a gamer and stop being a lamer!

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