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The structure of the game will be instantly familiar to fans of the series, with players venturing through Okinawa, and later Tokyo, engaging in a number of missions, combat and assorted distractions. The variety of the story advancing missions has been improved drastically, with a much greater amount of attention having been paid to the pacing. Often cited as one of the most important aspects of developing modern story-driven games here at Electronic Theatre, Yakuza 3 may not have perfected the art, but it certainly has a balance not found in previous titles. From grin-inducing tasks at the orphanage to chasing through a neon lit city after a group of assailants, Yakuza 3 has more up it's sleeve than mere fisticuffs.

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caseh3133d ago

Fair review I guess, I would have given it around the 80 mark.

To start it felt a bit bland but its starting to open up nicely now. Loads of side-missions and for me, smashing someones face into the pavement before headbutting his friend through a window never gets tedious! :D