In-depth Review: Prison Break: The Conspiracy - Electronic Theatre

Based on the popular television series, Prison Break: The Conspiracy follows the plot of the first season, but is constructed well enough that those who haven't seen a single episode will catch-up pretty quickly, and have little trouble following the complex narrative. Playing as Tom Paxton, a new character invented for the game, the storyline offers a different perspective of the events of the television series, expanding the universe in the same way that Enter the Matrix was so desperate to achieve, yet with much greater success. The player is sent into prison along with the protagonist of the television series, Michael Scofield, as an undercover agent tasked with finding the link between his arrival and his brother's execution, which just so happens to be scheduled to take place in the same prison. Of course, nothing's ever easy, and being deep undercover in a prison means that the player will have to reason, bargain and brawl with guards and other inmates.

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