Sony confirms Move support for Heavy Rain

Sony has confirmed to Belgian games magazine Chief that Heavy Rain will work with PlayStation Move.

The magazine shows a number of games that will work with PlayStation Move. One of those games is Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain was released last month exclusively for PlayStation 3. The game plays like an interactive movie, a thriller with dark film-noir influences. Players follow the lives of four different characters.

The new issue of Chief is available in Dutch and Belgian newsstands starting this Tuesday.

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Syronicus3132d ago

It can easily support older games with a simple update. This is what Move is all about. Supporting the player and making the gamers happy.

RAZORLAND3132d ago

And Cliff Blizinski, there you have it...

The Wood3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

yeah mate, i didnt see those disagrees on the first few comments praising NATAL in them musta missed something ¬_¬

anyhow move is already proving how versatile it can be in terms of game types...ultimately the proof of fun is in the eating so only time will tell

TheTwelve3131d ago

Awesome. Now if only I hadn't beaten the game to death trying to get all the trophies. Ah well, I'll go through it again. =)


ThatArtGuy3131d ago

"Fun is in the eating" - The Wood

That's what she said. :D

Blaze9293131d ago

cool I guess for people who haven't played it yet or got majority/all the trophies. I played it to death already already sold the game. Too bad

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Chris3993132d ago

(on account of the massive February/ March release schedule - wtf was that all about? :P), I may just wait till Move comes out then.

lh_swe3132d ago

Because I don't think they could do anything else but put you physically in the game to make you more immersed, I feel bad you have to wait though, I know that wait would kill me.

Qui-Gon Jim3132d ago through it once now to get the story (and to reduce the chances of the story getting spoiled for you), then play it for the other endings once Move support happens. I have almost got my platinum on this game, and I'll say that all the different possibilities for the ending will have you wanting to play through the game several times.

sikbeta3132d ago

That's Great and the Prove of How Move will Work with every kind of Games...

Rowsdower3132d ago

I hope both MOVE and NATAL succeed.

Rowsdower3132d ago

Heavy Rain incorporating motion controls?
Hoping Move is successful?
Hoping Natal is successful?

just curious?

lh_swe3132d ago

I hope both support a huge arsenal of games and bring more peopel to each respective console and away from the Wii (nothing against it just think it's not pulling it's weight in comparison with the other two).

And to anyone who want's either respective motion tech to fail; You are a sour little fanboy who couldn't stand having some of the limelight stolen from your favourite console, isn't that it? I dare you to prove me wrong.

feelintheflow3132d ago

Do you really have to ask that question, just mention Natal in a good or positive way and you will get your bubbles stolen and disagrees.

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The story is too old to be commented.