9.0 In-Depth Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Ve3tro writes: "A good 13 years ago there was a company called Square that decided to start a new franchise called Final Fantasy. It told the tale of four brave friends on an epic quest to save the world.

The game was a pioneer for many other role playing games to come after it. What the director Mr Hironobu Sakaguchi was not aware of was just how popular the franchise would become. Let's move forward to about 13 years later and here is the latest game in the franchise which very appropriately is Final Fantasy 13.

The game follows a band of unlikely heroes who have come together due to unforeseen circumstances. Does the magic still flow in Final Fantasy 13 or has it just been around too long to stand the ravages of time?"

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Dawale3223d ago

The first Final Fantasy debuted in Japan in 1987 I believe. That's 23 years ago, unless he was just talking about Playstation versions.

Ve3tro3223d ago

Your right, typo in the post.

Sadly can't update the N4G one.