250GB HDD UK Price Change... again

Seems Microsoft are having an 'information flow' problem.

MS Community Manager Graeme 'AceyBongo' Boyd has just clarified what the pricing will be for the new 250 GB HDD in the UK:

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What Would Kratos Do3153d ago

Damn you microsoft!
Why do you have to be such F*cking d!cks?
I can buy a 1TB external for less than that.

Kushan3153d ago

That is true, bur keep in mind this is a 2.5" drive, not a 3.5" drive. You'll be very hard pushed to find a 1TB 2.5" drive for anywhere near that price.
However, that's not to say this is a bargain, after all we're comparing a 250GB drive to 1TB drives. Anything over £50 is a rip-off for 250GB, be it 2.5" or whatever.

vhero3153d ago

You can put a 250gb inside your old 20gb caddy using a tutorial on the net and save a small fortune if you like however you will get banned from live for doing so. Talk about monopolizing the market.

Bgibbs3153d ago


Maybe because they JUST started to make 1TB 2.5" disks. And even now it's only $189.00 on newegg. That's only $50 more than what they are charging here in the US for the 360 drive. Soon enough you will be able to find them for under $100. This is a complete ripoff by microsoft

Kushan3153d ago

"You can put a 250gb inside your old 20gb caddy using a tutorial on the net and save a small fortune if you like however you will get banned from live for doing so."

No you wont, nobody has ever been banned due to having a "home made" HDD. In fact, Microsoft can't even detect them (or they'd just block them from working) and they have no way of knowing if you did it yourself or you're just a poor sap who thought they got a good deal off ebay.
I've been running a 120Gb HDD for over 2 years now, on live constantly and never even had a suspension over it.

Richdad3153d ago

If on live more than one such serial will exist simultaneously there will be chance of banning.

Kushan3153d ago

Sure and that serial cannot be changed (the 360 wont read the drive if it's not correctly signed), but the HDD stuff has been known about for over 4 years now and MS has never so much as restricted a single HDD, let alone ban or suspend anyone for it. Yeah, there's always a risk but it isn't worth it for Microsoft to go after them, not that many people do it and if they DO do it, it's just more room for marketplace downloads.

ludabenza3153d ago

Your damn right you could. I remember over one year ago, at the end of 2008 I bought a 1Tb hard drive for a little under that price in my region.

However I do acknowledge that you have to take into account that 2.5 inch hard drive cost more than 3.5 inch hard drives per gigabyte. But seriously at that price that's extortionate.

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Corrwin3153d ago

I paid £60 for a 500gb 2.5" drive for my PS3 2 years ago!

Jesus MS, only the connection is proprietary... I'm amazed nobody's marketed a case that could fit the 360, but house any PATA/SATA HDD.

champ213153d ago

Well 3rd parties would love to market accessories for the 360. However anyone using a non microsoft accessory gets banned. So much for competition, MS has ensured they can milk their users all gen long. Imo its very unethical to cut out the entire competition on their platform in such a way.

Corrwin3153d ago

And bad for business.

Allowing cheaper HDDs mean people are more likely to use the space - means more money for downloads via Live, and even buying more games because you could install them to the HDD.

A proprietary HDD has cost MS money, when they could have just charged a license for "360 certified" HDD manufacturers. Easy money.

Wrathman3153d ago

£30 HDD and £40 of odd shaped plastic casing.

im an xbox fan and i cant justify this price tag or spin it in MS's favour.but at the same time i see a lot of ps3 owners say they have 500g HDD in their ps3..and i think wtf have you got on that?!i have an elite with dozens of demos and a few full arcade 3 games fully installed.and 12 albums.i still have 40g remaining on a 120g HDD.

ghandistash3153d ago

I have 500 in mine, but obviously I haven't filled it all yet either. However, I record almost all the Formula 1 races from PlayTV, and a lot of other tv programmes. Also, HD movies from the store, ALL my albums, PSN games (and game installs), YouTube videos, everything! I've used 319gb so far. It's just nice to know that I don't need a new one any time soon. To top it off, it only cost me £60.

PeptoBismol3153d ago

Wrathman, thanks for not being a fanboy...for ONCE

Wrathman3153d ago


it can work both ways.99% of these articles are subjective and opinion based.but the HDD drives in the xbox are the biggest cons ever.i own both consoles and love them for different reasons.the ps3 is an outstanding media centre for me.but the xbox is wot i game on 99% of the time.the ps3 exclusives havent been enough to change that fact.kudos to them games too.i still think LBP is the best exclusive to date.there is more to great games than graphics tho.and there is more to consoles than hardware.

the guy above you filled his HDD with thrash and thats fair enough.but if you buy a slim ps3 or an xbox elite,you shudnt need to upgrade that.

ghandistash3153d ago

Was that meant to say 'trash'? Might be trash to you, mate. But personally, being a huge F1 fan, I love having a library of past races at my fingertips. And having all my albums right there to be played through surround sound when people are over is a treat. With a drive any smaller, for example a 120gb, I would have no chance of doing any of this.

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champ213153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )


i could get 1tb on pc for a 100usd.

Clearly xbox 360 is the most expensive gaming platform out there, while it has titles running at 576p and RROD issues.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3153d ago

"Clearly xbox 360 is the most expensive gaming platform out there, while it has titles running at 576p and RROD issues."

Yet, it's still in 2nd place.

Says a lot about the competition, doesn't it?

champ213153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Eh i really dont care which console is selling better, since owning any one of them would be the last thing id be doing.

Its just odd to see people support a system which has faulty hardware and blocks out any sort of competition on its hardware accesories, tells alot about the companies business ethics. It would be fine if MS was charging 5-10% higher then market prices. Not 200-300% higher.

ryuzu3153d ago

2nd place? Well if we're throwing in PC comparisons, then the 360 is is further down than 2nd place....

Ok, so I guess you could compare 360 sales to PC, given the timeframe since 360 release, but then it's still further down than 2nd place since the PS3 has outsold it when measured against the same standard.

Either way, MS is doing with the 360, what Apple did with the Mac in the mid 90s. Apple nearly died due to their insistence on non-standard hardware and draconian licensing.

360 isn't big enough to sink MS for such reasons, but it's a big enough problem to impair their competitive ability.

Given MS's claim about DD being the future - they need their console to include at least 500Gb and preferably 1Tb and it needs to be cheap.

MS is doing neither of those things so I can only conclude they don't really believe in the DD model either otherwise they'd be prepared to take a price hit on the hardware.

Ironcially, Sony have provided a cheap storage solution for the PS3 and yet critics claim they're "stuck" in the past using physical media. My PS3 has music, games and video on it, while my 360's 20Gb drive feels painfully small and that's with very little on it.

MS need to believe in their DD claims and offer cheap storage, or support larger capacity physical storage. At the moment they're doing neither...


vhero3153d ago

2nd place only in the US and UK everywhere else is constantly outsold by PS3 and in Japan its basically a no-show.

silvacrest3153d ago

"Says a lot about the competition, doesn't it?"

yes, it does....having a head start is a MASSIVE advantage and im sure all three console makers have taken note of that, especially M$ and sony

also, when there is only one type of console to buy, people tend to buy that, isn't logic great?

competition FTW

bjornbear3153d ago

yep...tells you that the competition came into the field a year later

worst is...this tells you more about the company of the console : MS

2 consoles...not 1st place once =/ if the 3rd console by MS doesn't make it to top, it will be another Sega (always 2nd or 3rd place)

don't try to twist this bubbles =) you know this is a rip off and you are angry at it and letting it out on Sony xD



Because is America, the only strong side when it comes to support Xbox, even if this have the worst technical failure in the history of videoconsoles and other issues.

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