New Alan Wake Screenshots Revealed

While Microsoft may have mistakenly placed four older screenshots of Alan Wake as part of a set of five new images released from Ruffian Games' forthcoming Crackdown 2 today, the follow-up is a little more reliable. Though very similar to some previously released screenshots, Microsoft Game Studios has today made available four new images from the highly-anticipated Alan Wake.

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GenerationWinner3180d ago

cant wait for this game. survival horror at its best and its my favourite genre. i will put my money that this baby will take a slew of awards including game of the year.

kevco333180d ago

I'm still uncertain about this, really. I'll get it, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much...

Syronicus3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

If this game is anything in the same rank of Max Payne then it will make a for a decent rental.

Syronicus3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Firstly, WTF does this thread have to do with GOWIII and secondly, no, I rented it... So what? Does renting games now make them bad? get your fanboy panties out of a bunch please, thank you very much.

You're right about me being a fan of the PS3 more than the 360 but I am sure not going to pass up a good game on the 360 just because it is not my favorite console. Only an idiot would pass up on a good game when they have the means to rent them.

Fanb0y3180d ago

I played the first three hours of God of War 3 at a buddy's place

My impressions:

I found myself yelling 'HOLY SH*T' every 20 seconds playing the game; but despite now brilliantly crafted the experience is, GOW3 for me is a rental. There's only so many ways one can play through that campaign.

Same for Alan Wake. That's probably a rental for me too.

You guys make it seem that renting is a terrible thing to do. Yes, the money doesn't go to the developers, but we're consumers! Do whatever works for you.

JokesOnYou3180d ago

I imagine theres going to be alot more known about Natal and other games after E3 but ME2, Alan Wake, and Halo Reach alone easily make 360 2010 lineup the best of them all, other known games like SC: Conviction, Crackdown etc do well to boost the 360's library with great games, plus the better multiplats with the best online experience, but yeah these 3 games each will definitely make a strong case for GOTY contenders, too bad only 1 of them will win.....2010 is definitely 360's year.


Joule3180d ago

i mean c'mon its been in development for 6 years, it better be good.

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meetajhu3180d ago

I'll buy it. Remedy games are kick A** and are always Single player!

Hands Up For Games3180d ago

I dont understand how you managed to get any disagrees with just stating facts?

corneliuscrust3180d ago

really don't want to see this game succeed.

it's pathetic.

divideby03180d ago

This is on my must buy list...but gonna wait and see before I spend 60+

lelo2play3180d ago

Great pics from Alan Wake... as usual. Can't wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.