IGN AU's Pre-E3 Predictions

Revealing Metal Gear Solid 4 Coming to 360
Percentage Chance: 80%

Moore's tattoo will reveal what we've long expected - the next instalment of the Metal Gear Solid saga will launch on 360 alongside the PS3 version. After Kojima's recent comments that the game was able to run on 360 hardware, this would suggest that Kojima Productions is experimenting with the hardware.

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deepujatt20054305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

if Kojima's annouces at E3 that MGS is coming to 360 there will be lots of broken hearts of PS3 fans..
and i am one of them.

in my opinion MSG will never go to 360..

REbirth4304d ago

mgs 2 substance gone for xbox and pc i really think that this one (mgs4) has lot of oportunities to go in 360...probably one year later than the ps3 with the name mgs4 SUBinsistence

hazeblaze4304d ago

I think that some form of MGS will definitely end up on the 360. It just won't be the MGS4 that we are all enjoying come Christmas time. And if it ends up on the 360 a year later, who cares? PS3 owners still get their immediate enjoyment and those that are stuck on the 360 still get to enjoy the game later too... it's a win for everyone.

God of Gaming4304d ago

well MGS Substance was on the original Xbox, I can see a new MGS game but most likely NOT MGS 4

Anything but Cute4304d ago

Please why dude? n4g that desperate for hits?

ichimaru4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

IT WOULD MAKE SENSE. considering the price of production, and the 360's installbase. and like the guy in the article said, why would they just experiment on the 360. he did say it was able to be done on the 360. i would'nt mind using 8 disk lol

Anything but Cute4304d ago

Are they serious or WTF? If that's true don't even bother with the PS3 predictions because there is no more PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.