Torchlight 75% Off on Steam

Critically acclaimed and widely considered a spiritual successor to the Diablo series, the award-winning action RPG Torchlight is just $5 as part of Steam's Weekend Deal.

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-MD-3222d ago

It's worth the 5 dollars.

peeps3222d ago

yeh, thought the demo was fun and at this price it's a steal. but even so, i wonder if i'll get too bored after a while. even after basic battles early on u seem to spend forever going through loot to see whats worth picking up, now i like my loot in games but it seemed a bit too tedious

-MD-3222d ago

I got bored about 15-20 hours in. Still though 20 hours of entertainment for 5 bucks? Can't beat that.

JsonHenry3222d ago

How is it tedious? You load your pet up with all the useless crap you don't want and click one button that sends it to town for you. In 3 minutes the pet is back and ready to make another trip to town for you. You never have to leave the dungeon if you don't want!

toaster3222d ago

Hell it's even worth the $20!

GRIND GRIND GRIND! That's the point of the game. I haven't left the dungeon since floor 40-something.

zagibu3222d ago

It's certainly worth the 5$, but it doesn't live up to the hype.

I especially dislike the visual style, which reminds me of popular MMORPGs. The inventory also felt unwieldy (I detest inventories where every item is just a quadratic icon). Lastly, I felt that each new dungeon theme gets boring about half-way through the section.

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OtherWhiteMeat3222d ago

At five dollars this game is an absolute steal.I do believe Torchlight is also coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3,but I'm sure it will be around $20.00.