This Five-Button Saucer Could Replace Your Entire Keyboard

Designer Erik Campbell was charged with putting a modern spin on the original chorded keyboard, a one-handed input device that lets users type characters with key-press combinations, like playing chords on a piano. For inspiration, he looked to the jellyfish.

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Bilbo653129d ago

I dont get the point 26 characters 10 numbers and punctuation on 5 buttons sounds like you'd have to memorize a hellahva lot of combination's for a simple sentence

FragGen3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Total agreement. As long as a I have two hands I'll stick with a KB, thanks. People missing a limb might find something like this super useful but as a general product this is a terrible idea.

Baka-akaB3129d ago

Complete horse crap .

The only point of a keyboard replacement would be something more comfortable and easy to use . Not something that counter intuitive .

SixZeroFour3129d ago

exactly...kinda like the youtube link from TheLastLevel, why would you want to purchase and replace something like the keyboard with something far more time consuming and possibly more complicated than the original product...just cause it "looks" better?

apple wheel and this saucer SHOULDNT (not saying it wont, cause some ppl will buy it) replace the if i wanted to use one hand for a keyboard, i can just use the mouse and onscreen keyboard, itll be just as time consuming as the other products and do the samething which is only require one hand to do things you can do on a keyboard

CaulkSlap3129d ago

Yeah and I can easily text with one hand faster than that. No point if its not easier and faster to use. The next step is likely virtual 3d controls.

rugets3129d ago

reminds me of a ladybug

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