No Dpad: Pool Pro Online 3 Review

No Dpad:

Pool has always been a classic game that has shown up on every single platform imaginable, starting from the PC to the PSP, DS, and mobile devices. But pool hasn't translated very well onto the iPhone and, well, there aren't many "pool" game choices to choose from. I know that before Pool Pro Online 3, searching for a solid-looking pool game was more than difficult.

But Namco has actually, for once, delivered a surprisingly solid pool experience onto the iPhone. While it's one with more or less no point, the online play was quite smooth along with sporting some impressive graphics. While I had many issues with their more modern games such as Ridge Racer and Ace Combat, Pool Pro Online 3 has me thinking twice about what Namco can do.

In other words, it's a game done right.

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