Hydrophobia Exclusive to XBLA, Playable at PAX

As if the thought of getting early hands-ons with Skate 3, Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption, co-op Splinter Cell: Conviction and ... uh, well, tons of other games at PAX East wasn't enticing enough, Joystiq has just received word from Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital that the game will also be available on the show floor. Moreover, the game has been announced as exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

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N4PS3G3133d ago

Looks ace! a full quality and gameplay wise, plus water physics look nice. I wish the video was HD.

Vincent VII3133d ago

i went to dark energy digital website and i did not find anything about

this exclusivity deal


ChozenWoan3133d ago

like this is a timed exclusive if it is, as I remember last year they showed this as being on the PS3.

Either way, I'm not too big on these "episodic" games. Just give me the full game at a good price, a good demo, or shove it someplace special. I'm not about to play 1 part of a game, and then have to wait for the next part to be released. Or have to pay again for each section of what should be a one purchase deal. With the way studios have been folding, I'd hate to get parts 1&2 and never get part 3 due to a financial snafu.

gaffyh3132d ago

I thought this was going to be on PS3 too? Threespeech (PS blog EU) talked about it ages ago.

HowarthsNJ3132d ago


The water/fire look great, but the rest of the game looks like butt.

Also at the bottom the tweet says MS is publishing exclusive to XBLA.

"The countdown is over - Microsoft to publish Hydrophobia as exclusive XBLA title. Trailer, screens, art, info at"

I think it's just a sales pitch for HydroEngine:

"Hydrophobia is the first game developed using Dark Energy's revolutionary HydroEngine - the world's first true fluid dynamics engine for games. This jaw dropping technology models flowing water which behaves completely realistically, resulting in the most dynamic and dramatic gameplay you've ever seen."

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Godmars2903133d ago

Why is this XBLA and not disc-based? Is it going to be segmented or serialized?

Yi-Long3133d ago

... so I won't be getting it. I'll wait till they bundle the episodes, put them on a disc, and sell them for a nice price...

... IF the game is worth getting, ofcourse.


What yi said.

It was also on sent you a message, they said it would be on live only and it would be sold in episodes.

sounds like a no no, but If there is one thing I have learned this gen, they always end up releasing this stuff on disk at some point. It may be a year later, but they will ( especially if the arcade does not sell as well as they had hoped )

It will be some stupid game of the year pack or something...

Godmars2903132d ago

If they're going to make it episodic, would be cool if they did it in old serialized fashion. With the character or someone dying in a deathtrap, only to show how they survived at the beginning of the next.

DelbertGrady3133d ago

Water effects look amazing! We might have another Shadow Complex on our hands. Hoping the gameplay is as good as the graphics.

blackmamba7073132d ago

it's easy to see why this is flopbox exclusive - it looks terrible, Xbox™ standards

andron3133d ago

I get kind of a modern Rapture vibe looking at the trailer. Great water...

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