Did Kevin Butler save the Playstation 3?

Let's face it folks, prior to 2009, Playstation 3 had some rocky and rough times. Even though it had superior technology with blu-ray formatting and the best exclusive line up of games, it was still being out sold by the Wii and the 360 week by week.

This all changed on August 19, 2009.

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Megaton3127d ago

"Saving the PS3" ZzZzZzZz...

At least these don't pop up on a regular basis anymore around here.

Saigon3127d ago

He helped with saving the marketing...but he didn't save the PS3...It never needed saving...

KILLERAPP3127d ago

Kevin Butler is just the icing on the cake, an awesome 2009 line up including one of the greatest single player experiences ever in uncharted 2, dropping the price and a redesign PS3 help people forget about the bad 600 dollar price and Sony had a new face and with Kevin butler they not only had great games but also a new PS3 slim and you know how people get crazy about slim versions of the consoles, now with this new face of marketing which was the only thing that Sony desperately need ever since the PS3 came out, it all came full circle in 2009 Sony did what everyone said they could not and that was make the PS3 the console to own if you want great games even if you own a 360 or a wii and this years they have continue there tradition, Sony should have Kevin do there E3 conference that would be awesome…

slave2Dcontroller3127d ago

sure in the hell solved their marketing woes. These new commercial are some of, if not the best I've ever seen. He is doing a really good job, God knows PS3 marketing had been a mess prior to the KB commercials.

-Alpha3127d ago

But of course Sony's success with the PS3 is due to numerous things. KB is just the guy that leads it. He's like the president who just is the face for the public while the more important things are done internally, like games and a killer $299 price tag.

masterofpwnage3127d ago

Kevin Butler is the only reason why i want to buy a ps3 again ha

Nitrowolf23127d ago

every time i see his ad i want to buy another one

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The story is too old to be commented.