Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Info Revealed writes, "Today, we're bringing to you a rather large batch of information on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Listing features, classes, and more..."

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Blackfrican3132d ago

invisibility cloaks and slide tackling. Glad to see they are going in the right direction.

Bigpappy3132d ago

But this game is a no brainer for me. It is the games that makes me play online. I love playing through the campaign online with my buddies.

arakouftaian3132d ago

and the lock in your partner feature sound nice to, but wow to many fps by the end of the this year.

We will have This, Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 (ps3 only),Halo(xbox only)
Crysis 2 maybe?, new COD 7, the new Medal of Honor. and few other w/e fps.

stickskills3132d ago

Definitely going to be a crowded FPS genre this year. However, the four player drop-in/drop-out is going to be a big push for this title.

TOO PAWNED3132d ago

This is TPS, not FPS.
Killzone Reacon sound interesting

Fanb0y3132d ago

Split Screen co-op.

That is all. It's already on my list of 2010 purchases.

Ju3132d ago

This is a 4 player squad based strategic shooter (they don't say that for the single player - but online 4 player drop in drop out confirms that).

The only game competing with this this year is Socom4.

Inside_out3132d ago

Trailer sucked...this description is total B.S...Call it something else, like Crysis Recon, or Recon- zero originality, Maybe Bionic man Recon...what a joke...Is this still a TPS???....

Ghost Recon was always about being realistic or at least more real than silly running, jumping, meleeing super soldiers...real world weapons and scenario's...crazy defend situations against huge number of A I soldiers...Who remembers GR 1...with the 2 different squads and the Radar blips showing the enemies closing in...

Recon in name only, completely stripped of it's identity...Ubisoft packing it in, has giving up...Lets just make MW2 and change the name...It seems all developers doing this now...

Where is Redstorm...I hope they have nothing to do with this...Redstorm made the Multi-player side of Graw...It was incredible on 360, Still play it from time to time...PS3 version was terible...I hope they are making there own graw game...

Maybe an over reaction...have to wait and see...Hopefully, E3 has gameplay....

arakouftaian3132d ago

Just like the old GR games were FPS and then they change to TPS
and know this one is FPS.

NeoBasch3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

um... I've played just about every Ghost Recon game, and, let me tell you, this game is as much Ghost Recon as any other. The concept has always been about progressive military tactics: Ghost Recon was Modern Warfare before Modern Warfare. Nothing has changed. So no, I don't see what you're getting at. This should be obvious with the last couple of entries being named Advanced Warfighter. I mean, come on. Seriously?

I for one am eagerly anticipating this title. Loving the features so far, and can't wait to get back into the action. Also, I like how they're focusing on teamwork with this one: Rainbow Six, take notes.

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TOO PAWNED3132d ago

We will see how this stacks vs Socom. For now this is more interesting to me. Zipper better step up their game and doesn't deliver another MAG

joydestroy3132d ago

yeah, i'm pretty stoked about this new Ghost Recon.

Ju3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

First of all, what's wrong with MAG ? Got it yesterday and its awesome.

Socom4 is a different game. Controlling a squad ? Just from the little we saw from the Move presentation it has destructible environments. That with the visual quality of MAG, can't be wrong (and yes, I think MAG visuals are great).

I rather hope, that this version of Ghost Recon builds on Graw and pushes it to today's standards (close to KZ2 or UC2). Doubt that for a multiplatform, though. Socom4 looked awesome - and has the edge with the Move option.

Both are a must in my library, waiting for that since years now.

dragonelite3132d ago

I dont know it does sounds this game will have like dedicated server dont see the use of classes in p2p 5vs5 games.

Nice to hear they are planning on doing split screen coop now hope on something like record feature halo 3 has its so awesome to always watch back a moment when something awesome happens.

Cool examples are in the demo level port valdez you have people go on quads to the construction tower i lay down some mines and enjoy the show it so awesome to see a quad+ player fly into the sky i even camp for that.

BeaArthur3132d ago

I'm interested to see the balancing in the multiplayer with all of these different classes. The cloak sounds like it would have a serious advantage but we will have to wait and see. Really looking forward to the beta.

R6ex3132d ago

Ever since GRAW2, I've been ever waiting for this game!!!

Day 1 Buy for me!

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