Sony Suffers Embarrassing Moment With Move Demo at Pre-PAX East Event

Original-Gamer: "At the Pre-PAX East event, Sony showed off their Playstation Move. Too bad it didn't work."

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ClownBelt4104d ago

The problem was the battery.

It's not like Natal where the problem is the actual hardware. lol

boysenberry4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

There were hundreds of people attending the event that gave Move a go, causing the battery to die. What does that tell you? That's right, it means that Move is the next big thing! Enjoy bashing Sony and Move fanboys,because you won't be laughing for long!

DJexs4104d ago


Orange4104d ago

wow. they'll never live that.....49 second delay down.

avengers19784104d ago

Use this why you can, because after E3, and when the Natal and the Move come out everyone will see wich one is better... Here's a hint it's the one that works with real games.

ps3hasonlyflopgames4104d ago


sony have Embarrassing Moments since lauch of ps3 in 2006..

" flop games"

"flop sales"

"copied the softwares of nintendo ( move rip off ) "

"genric games"

ps3 is died in this ps3 fanboys...

deal whit it ;)

TROLL EATER4104d ago

dat makes a nice kevin butler ad

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-Alpha4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Oh wow, is that it?

Why did it say he changed the batteries? Thought it had an internal one like DualShock 3.

I'd crap my pants if I was demoing it in front of an audience and that happened to me. Though I wouldn't say it's embarrassing for Sony, just for the girl having a hundred pair of eyes waiting for her to fix it. I'd change the title to "Girl Suffers Embarrassing Moment Demoing Move for Pre-PAX Audience" though nobody would care then.

HolyOrangeCows4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

If that isn't deserving of a facepalm, what is?

Lack of batteries; front page news.

Michael Myers4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

ps move is so accurate it can detect a fart 30 feet away. cmon' millions upon millions of gamers will own this, and it will be a major success story. and the only thing embarrassing is your article fails! hahahaha and to the natal people and faboys stop comparing this to natal, its not a move vs natal article wft


young juice4104d ago

it wasnt off, the battery died.

either sony didnt charge it up completely, or people must have really liked it.

menoyou4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

the headline made it seem much worse, wow one random controllers battery dies on the show floor among tons of working machines. HOW EMBARRASSING



RememberThe3574104d ago

But that the retail units will have it.

Sev4104d ago

All that happened was the batteries were dead. It happened to a few of the controllers at the event. It was because there was 300+ people in attendance.

Parapraxis4104d ago

Alpha-Male22, the move controller & sub-controller run on li-ion batteries and recharge exactly like a DS3.

They most likely just grabbed a fresh controller.

....oh my what a terribly embarrassing scene.

-Alpha4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

yeah I'd assume that it would happen eventually. No big deal really, but this is getting a lot of views. Successful title is successful.


It says they "changed" the batteries. Maybe it's just for the pre-release version like 357 said.

OT: you and 357 have cool names lol.

Dragun6194104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Embarrassing, Yeah, But Sony suffering from it? No

I don't think it would would have affected anyone's opinion about it, I mean it was just a need of changing batteries. It just a simple mistake which I can see one doing after traveling so much to certain gaming events like gdc and engadget, showing off the PS Move to the press and developers alike.

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Eddie201014104d ago

Dumb way to get hits, the controller wasn't on, shhhot happens. It doesn't mean there is a problem with the tech like the tittle implies.

All these stupid people with stupid blogs, if you want to be taken seriously give us real news and not this stupid crap just to get hits.

BlackSharinganX4104d ago

yeah i was going to say isnt it suppose for that ball to shine when its on? lol

blackmagic4104d ago

shouldn't really matter that there were 300+ people at the event... It was only 3 hours and I would expect the controller to last through more than 3 hours of continuos use. If they were changing batteries then the demo controllers must not have the lithium ion packs in them... maybe they are just using alkalines for now? Alkalines don't fair as well vs lithium ions for intensive power draws. This does raise a concern for battery life though. Has Sony said how long the controller is supposed to function on a charge?

ChozenWoan4104d ago

I'd have to guess that the PSMove will have similar battery time as a DS3. It may be a little shorter, but I doubt it will be a major issue.

Weaksauce11384104d ago

That is funny. It's on par with not plugging it in.

Pika-pie4104d ago

Haha, people hating on Sony when its there own idiocy. Funneh

TheBlackSmoke4104d ago

Complete flaimbait, non story. Oh look teh battery died so therefore teh Move fails and sony are embarrassed....gtfo desperate fanboys.

Sarcasm4104d ago

It's not much more embarrassing then let's say... The console dying at press events...

morganfell4104d ago

It demonstrates clearly that certain people are so afraid of Move, it's technology, it's potential, and it's inevitable ownership of the market that they will grasp at any straw to try and put a stain on it.

Well the only thing that is embarrassing is this article's failed attempt.

vhero4104d ago

Could be worse your console could be dead on display. Remember all those RROD Xbox's on display in events like this? Now [email protected] embarrassing!

krisq4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Hey, battery died on my 360 controller when I was showing a game to my buddies. Let's make it news!!!

sikbeta4104d ago

WoW, this article is really lame, wanna see something Embarrassing

Syronicus4104d ago

So when the Sony move is off you simply change the batteries but what do you do for the latency in the natal?

Motion4104d ago

I'm pretty sure dead batteries would make it turn off, as is the case with most battery powered devices.

EvilBlackCat4104d ago

She is the one to blame for those low batteries.

Get it?

The Maxx4104d ago

I agree. Just like all the Natal hate like:

1. It doesn't see Black People
2. You have to stand 3 meters back
3. Natal cannot keep up with motion tracking

Yet for some reason you were in all those post saying how much of a FAIL Natal was when actually those things all turned out to be fake or have the same issue as MOVE (latency). Hypocrite much?

nveenio4104d ago

One problem out of the thousands of demos... FAIL.


DarkSpawnClone4104d ago

haha your right it is off, wow any thing to make Sony look bad XD, I'm sure Sony is so embarrassed from having a controller die and needing to be recharged! AHA!! LOL!!!

KillerPwned4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Hm and i remember all the times seeing xbox 360`s RROD on the show floor of such expos like E3. Or myself personaly i have seen so many xbox 360`s that have RROD at a store like gamestop or walmart. So one little screw up no room to talk.

Also i bought a xbox 360 once from walmart took it home hooked it up and BOOM! RROD!

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armycore4104d ago

Hate to say it but that's funny.

GamingBuddha094104d ago

i bet it was not as embarrassing as when that one guy that was demoing windows 95 to bill gates and the computer bsoded him right in front of bill gates lol

KillerPwned4104d ago

haha i remember that bill acted like he was so confused and worried.

Ronster3164104d ago

Extra controllers.

Extra nunchucks.

Extra (other) devices.

More "stealth" costs to YOU.

Same end result for sony........... 3RD place this gen.

And the droids have the nerve to say microsoft rip people off.

This wiimote version 2.0 wannabe is gonna cost you a fortune.

Natal......... one device, no further costs.

masterofpwnage4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

can you charge a wiimote while playing [email protected]
they dont charge the move its just play and pass on.

and really the 360 cost more then the ps3 right now, xbox live fee, batteries for the controll and wifi. so i dont get waht you talking about.
i bet you if you didnt pay for live, the wifi adapter and all the batteries for the 360 controller you can probably buy 2 of the move

ryano232774104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

So when Natal releases, XBOX Live is free?

It's about time!!!!

EDIT: I've always wondered why I don't enjoy my PS3. You hit the nail on the head. Its coz its in 3rd place in sales. Just can't enjoy my PS3 when its 3rd, just like I can't enjoy a game until it outsells Halo. Come on PS3 owners the sales, how else can I enjoy my PS3 games.

Never mind that lead that is gradually shrinking.
The 360 is 2nd in a HANDICAP race. A handicap race is the results still count, but someone always has a HEADSTART!!

HolyOrangeCows4104d ago

BWAHAHA! Extra input devices are "stealth costs"? LOL

It's not like the 360 where necessities cost $100 when better quality accessories of the same type cost half that on other consoles (e.g. HDD)


where should i begin to described your "2nd coming of jesus through your eyes " console................ i need to get 5 hour energy and a snicker to begin this huge text wall i can write with proof.But i'll just keep it simple in a 3 list
1. kids play thing
2. mom and dad credit card to pay for online
3. 54%

-MD-4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I like how Mooey lists a wireless wifi adapter, a wireless headset and a wireless battery charger as if they're necessities.

Once you have a wireless controller the only thing you need is a play and charge kit which is like less than 20 dollars. The headset comes with the console and nobody needs wifi.

What is it with Sony fans and lists? I see list after list in every article I go into. Somebody mentions Halo and it's someones knee jerk reaction to make a list. It's pretty weird.

Anorexorcist4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

True. Just like how no one needs Blu-Ray. Why adapt to more advanced and convenient 21st century technological tools when you can just sit pretty with your scan-and-pan big screen TV, DVD, long connection cords and all the rest of the 20th century tech that was groundbreaking in 1998, right?

Advancement is for A-holes Anyway!

Denial4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Well you seem pretty content with PSN when that's obviously inferior to Xbox Live so why not advance with the rest of us?

Advancement is for A-holes though right?

ArcFatalix4104d ago

when we can play 256 players without lag on psn i dont think you need to pay, after paying 60 bucks on a game charging for online is a farce.

Live on PC is free btw pc owners are too smart i guess.

TheBlackSmoke4104d ago

All those extra things mooey listed are whats required to make the 360 on par with an out of the box PS3 @ $299.

I think its logical that the move package will cost more than the natal seeing as there is more hardware involved. Man some of you are so dumb.

-MD-4104d ago

@2.10 - I find it ironic that you're calling us delusional when you're spewing nonsense. The PS3 slim does NOT come with a headset let alone a wireless one it also does NOT come with HDMI cables.

360fanboi4104d ago

Natal it will only cost you ur dignity

TheBlackSmoke4104d ago

Well yeah you got me on the HDMI lead but if you wanna bring the headset to the "required" elements ill raise you a HDdrive add on and after that worthless attempt at correcting me the 360 still costs hundreds more. Even if you bought all the accessories possible it still would not be on par with the ps3 (blu-ray, blutooth, internet browser, RELIABILITY etc etc).

Cant believe your actually gonna argue over which console is the better value for money when its so blatantly obvious, thats why you bots are delusional.

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