NVIDIA's Fermi: So much potential, so little software support

Opinion: NVIDIA is set to launch its first piece of DirectX 11 hardware, but game developers are still heavily focused on the five year old DirectX 9 API.

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TheIneffableBob3128d ago

Developers are starting to move away from DX9. Just Cause 2 is the most recent example of this. Windows XP is still popular, but people are increasingly moving to Windows 7 when buying new computers, so they will be at least DX10 capable.

For developers, it's easier to maintain a single API rather than several.

hoops3127d ago

As long as these consoles are stuck in DX world with 4 year old GPU tech and CPU tech, games on the PC will only go so far...with the exception of Crytech.
Here is hoping that more games are made with the PC in mind then 5 year old tech found inside these consoles

sagapo3128d ago

it makes choosing a graphics card rather hard; do I buy one now, wich is DX11 compatible, even when there aren't a lot of games supporting it and by the time they do, the card itself gets mid-end? Or do I wait for the next generation while the rest of my PC gets mid-range...

I love gaming on PC but it can suck at making the right choice whithout having to spend a huge amount of money. I don't wanna buy a new high-end PC each year.

champ213127d ago

what spec is your current pc?

you could get a 150usd ATi gpu which will be dx11 compatible and last this entire gen.

steve30x3127d ago

The article says that the release of the GF100 is Aprils 12th but Nvidia themselves said the GTX470 & GTX 480 will be released today.

darkequitus3127d ago

Limited availability from certain card makers only.

steve30x3127d ago

I know that but its still being released today.

kwyjibo3127d ago

nVidia also said it'd be available 6 months ago, even though that was a blatant lie in a pathetic attempt to hinder ATI sales.

Remember the story that ATI were "punishing gamers" with DirectX 11?

Kakkoii3127d ago

@kwyjibo: Nvidia never said it would come out 6 months ago. That's when ATI's card came out. Around that time, Nvidia had stated that the cards would be coming by the end of November or early December if things went smoothly. But things didn't go smoothly. TSMC's yields stayed horrible, and thus Nvidia had to delay the launch until now so they could do another respin of the chip and get them in the hands of card manufacturers.

Most of the big name card companies have the cards in their possession now. And all the online retailers are ready to open shop for the GTX 480/70 today. So it's not just Nvidia making claims.

steve30x3126d ago

Look who was wrong. The GPU's were released lastnight.

kwyjibo3126d ago

I don't know steve, why don't you tell me.

All I've said is that you can trust nVidia about as far as you can spit a rat. Remember the fake Fermi that nVidia paraded around last year?

A stopped clock is right twice a day.

Kakkoii3126d ago

@kwyjibo: The actual card they showed last year may have been a mock-up, but they still had a working chip hooked up at that event also, running some tests.

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Faelan3127d ago

My single factory OC'ed Core 216 GTX260 is still doing fine and I got that little over a year ago with my system. By the end of this year, my system will be 2 years old.

Besides Flight Simulator X, I don't really have anything that pushes my 3.8GHz quad core CPU to the max and it's just an OC'ed Q9550, not even an i7 or something. Nothing even comes close to using my 8GB of DDR2.

So at the end of this year when prices have dropped, I may just be able to get away with putting in a GTX4xx and perhaps a SSD or two and it'll feel like a brand new system instead of doing the normal upgrade procedure for me, which is to buy a new system roughly every other year.

To be honest, I don't mind that. Gameplay is more important to me than shiny graphics anyway and this is a welcome break in the budget.

wibble3127d ago

Developers will move from DirectX 9 when newer versions of DirectX actually have something worthwhile to offer.

Most of the fancy features of recent versions of DirectX are really just a marketing ploy that's designed to appeal to gamers that don't know any better.

mortalrage3127d ago

I disagree.. Ati push to Direct x 11 in my option is to one up the consoles. I'm glad Ati is pushing and Nvidia followed. Why you ask? To push gamers back into computer gaming rather than consoles.

Kakkoii3127d ago


Haha, well since you seem to be such an expert on DirectX 11, how about you tell us what about it is just marketing ploy to dupe stupid gamers huh?

New simplified multi-threading instructions to make games utilize multi-core CPU's better? Nope, that's not marketing ploy.

GPU accellerated tessellation of geometry to allow for an incredible amount of polygons to be rendered and then displaced, enabling for the most amazing graphics ever seen in games, raising the bar for realism way up? Nope, not marketing ploy either. That's a very major tool that developers are creaming themselves over.

DirectCompute, which allows developers to utilize the GPU for general computations, and thus able to offload more parallel tasks from the CPU to run faster on the GPU. Not a marketing ploy either.

And also Shader Model 5 which brings some more advanced and optimized shading techniques for increased realism.

This has been the best DirectX version yet. Bringing some groundbreaking features for the game industry. Have you not taken a look at the Heaven Benchmark, or some of the DX11 games that are already out, and seen the kind of detail that can be rendered in real time by using D11's tessellation? It's a huge step in graphics.