Latest Japanese Hardware Sales, PS3 Breaks 10k!

PS3 finally breaks the 5 digit barrier once again!

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deepujatt20054306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

wow 360 was at 7k now its back to 3k
hope it will go up.

wii at 75 thats dawm good

i wonder why do japan like nitendo soo much:(

Edit: why do some people Disagrees with my post wat did i say wrong..

tehcellownu4306d ago

the only time when it went to 7k the 360 is when enternal sonata was released..the ps3 been break 5gs they will be sellin at least 8k and they finally passed it and made it to almost 12k..which is still no games..

hulk_bash19874306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

umm i have to disagree about the no games thing. Remember that NGS recently was released in Japan as well, that has to be taken into account. Either way its nice to see some good news comming out for Sony. Now if E3 would just come already;)

Edit: WOW wats with the disagree i wasnt attacking anyone. Just stating my opinion.

ALI G4306d ago

WII outselling PS3 in japan almost 7:1, REMEMMBER IT WAS 4:1 , 5:1 , 6 :1 AND NOW ONLY 2k short of 7:1

sak5004306d ago

This site is full of Ps3 fanbois so since you were hoping for sales of 360 to pick up you get the disagrees.. These type of comments dont get digested by these 12yr olds.

Sevir044306d ago

this site is flooded with extreme xbox fankids. i mean all you have to say is i hope the ps3 sells more in the US and by the time you refresh your page after posting your commenting you are one bubble short.. dont try to be one sided about anything just because you love your 360, no one is killing you if you do.

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the_round_peg4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Stop littering multiple sections with PS3 news. Geez.


hulk_bash19874306d ago

Umm i tot it would be obvious.....The Japanese hardware sles chart. Not the Ps3 sales chart. They are all posted.

crck4306d ago

having a temper tantrum.

PS360WII4306d ago

yea kt you do see that those are numbers of all consoles not just PS3. PS3 is the focal point due to the fact that it broke 10k again.

But still this news artical has something to do with PS3, 360, Wii, DS and PSP.

ITR4306d ago

What time period does this cover?

Because the Vcharts show the 360 just under 3k and the PS3 under 10k. (covers last week of June)
The last time I saw the PS3 hit over 10k was when Sigma got released in mid-June.

XxZxX4305d ago

VGchartz can't beat M-create. VGChartz always an unofficial numbers of M-create sometime a bit off and they have to readjust.

soldier sean4306d ago

the next generation war is now over ! lol

the_round_peg4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Seriously, we should be concerned with the North American and/or European markets.

Nowadays, the US, NOT Japan, is the biggest gaming market in the world.

and most of us live in North America or Europe anyway.

pwnsause4306d ago

you control japan, you get the japanese influenced games here. just because were the biggest market doesnt mean a thing, what if the xbox 360 goes down to 0 sales??? no games for the 360 then

mikeslemonade4306d ago

MS admitted themselves when the 360 launched that if the 360 doesn't penetrate the Japanese market then they won't win. The japanese market has the ability to hold 35 million consoles or more based on last generation. Ignoring japan is like ignoring 20-25% of the game market.

the_round_peg4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

i didn't realize game companies like EA, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Bioware, and Bethesda would stop making games for 360 (or PC) because of those Japanese.

Microsoft does not have to capture Japanese market to thrive, but it'd be nice to take that market as well. (i.e., like adding icing to the cake.) The Japanese market is smaller than American. So, if Nintendo and Sony could survive without the American market, then Microsoft could also survive without the Japanese market.

You Japanophiles are giving Japan too much credit.

In fact, Sony should be more worried about capturing the North American market than Microsoft should about the Japanese market.

pwnsause4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

you dont get it do you, ever played mario, you know the italian Plumer???, its was made in japan, its sold like crazy in japan, did it followed the trend here in the US, yes it did, how bout halo, its sold like crazy in the US, how bout in Japan??? tell me one good western title that sold like crazy in Japan, and dont tell me halo, cause it didnt. Thats why microsoft tries to pay for exclusivity on Japanese based games. you capture japan, you capture the world. that why you hear analysts stating that both consoles will be leveled on the same ground next year, if japan is so small, then why do systems like the PS3 and the 360 is not selling like crazy while the DS is selling about 160,000 systems a week, calculate that in a year. its still the most important market.

hulk_bash19874306d ago

LOL Wow justt to let u know i detect a hint of Racism, Just a bit. Japan is a very important market for videogames. I mean if arcades are still popular as hell over there they must love their videogames. lol

Observer4306d ago

Dude most relevant game developers happen to be Japanese studios. The performance of each console dictates whether they'll develop certain games for these consoles or not.

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