Media Create hardware sales (3/15 – 3/21)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay3131d ago

Monster sales for the PS3. Guess Yakuza 4 helped out quite a bit.

jahcure3131d ago

So PS3 outsold xbox360 by 48k in ONE WEEK, yet when x360 outsells ps3 by 50k for the MONTH in USA it's a celebration? In Japan that was erased in ONE WEEK.....WOW!!

sikbeta3131d ago

Amazing for Sony, that Damn Yakuza 4 sure is Awesome as usual...

DarkTower8053131d ago

and GOW 3 also. Let's not forget that ;)

SCThor3131d ago

and the usual DVD format close fight.

BTW...great numbers for the PSP...any reasons why keep outselling the DS??

The_Beast3131d ago


its just too funny now
and its so close to the 360 its sad

vhero3130d ago

Exactly Makes MS look pretty lame now doesn't it? And that was there best month in 360's history too... So there we go people proof the 360 is dead in Japan and with no support there its only a matter of time before all Jap devs give up on it I mean mistwalker already have and moved onto DS. You wonder why FF14 and FF13 versus are PS3 exclusives? This is why..

Syronicus3130d ago

Holy crap the PS3 is killing over there in the land of the rising sun. The sales of Japan alone make up for any gap between the PS3 and the 360 in North America. Then you have the other regions where the PS3 is making a killing and boom, you have top sales.

Oner3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I have to take a dig at Sony while making a worse one for MS here...

The 360 basically sells on par with the PSPGo

THAT is embarrassingly pitiful. Yet as another poster said when the 360 outsells the PS3 by a measly amount it is World Wide News and a HUGE celebration...but the one week sales in Japan that negates the US "amount" is not even mentioned as relevant. That is what is wrong with Gaming Journalism. Whatever. At least this cannot be denied (though we know those who will TRY) ~

1) In the US the PS3 sells on par or better than the 360.
2) In the EU the PS3 sells on par or better than the 360.
3) In the JP & other Asian markets the PS3 FAR outsells the 360.

I've said it before and will do so again. When you look at the World Wide Markets as a whole, the sales stats are much different than what Gaming Journalism lets on

1st America
1st Europe
1st Japan & Asia

3rd America
2nd Europe
2nd Japan & Asia

2nd America
3rd Europe
3rd Japan & Asia

Wii = 1st with all 1st places
PS3 = 2nd with 2 / 2nd places & 1 3rd (but gaining every month)
360 = 3rd with 2 / 3rd places and 1 / 2nd (losing ground every month, RROD & Bannings are counted as "working" consoles which is blatantly incorrect)

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Icyhot3131d ago

Holy crap 50K PS3 sold in a week!!!

SuperSaiyan43131d ago

Xbox 360 sales may be very low and slow in Japan but at least it is selling even if it is very low.

Icyhot3131d ago

It's barely even surviving. I doubt MS even gets profits in return after the advertisement costs in Japan. When you are competing for the 2nd place and you are so neck-a-neck with the PS3 everywhere else, 50K in 1 week is a real kick to the nuts.

Just think, last month 360 outsells PS3 by 60K and the universe falls apart with Greenburg acting like a douche and pounding his chest even though the competition is going through hardware shortages in those regions. Wonder what he has to say after the 360 pwnage this week.

ClownBelt3131d ago

The PSP is always on the top now. Makes me wonder why since there really isn't a major releases this past months/weeks.

prodg523131d ago

everyone already owns 2 DSs

SixTwoTwo3131d ago

MS needs some major help in Japan. They need a Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy or a new Monster Hunter game.

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