6.0 Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review "Despite possibly good intentions, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twlight ends up being a disappointing end to Kane's saga within the franchise. The campaign is short, and much of the gameplay has been changed, for the worse. It means that battles are really condensed and limited in their scale and scope. The soundtrack is excellent and the game isn't without other merits, like the online skirmish mode, but overall it's just a game that feels diluted and limp."

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Kyll3129d ago

Aw man, going to lose so much time on this ;_;

Selyah3129d ago

It's such a shame the direction its gone, I mean by all means innovation is key to the industry but changing the basis of an established series this drastic possibly a bit much?

mephman3129d ago

It would have been ok if the changes were actually good.

Hardedge3129d ago

I've never really played the C&C games, but the mobile base sounds like such a drastic change from any RTS formula.

Coramoor_3129d ago

as someone who has never been a fan of the franchise and therefore someone who has never got attached to the story, this might be a welcome change

chasegarcia3129d ago

People don't like change. I'll give this game a chance.

steve30x3128d ago

Thats true. I see a lot of Command and Conquer fans throw their toys out of the playpen in a tantrum because they changed C&C4 so much. I am a big fan of command and Conquer (Ive played all of them) and I welcome the changes. The mobile command usit is great because you can get your units to the battle faster.