Phantom of Inferno Gets Xbox 360 Remake

If there's one thing that is utterly fascinating about the Xbox 360, it's how, despite a lack of mainstream interest, it has carved out a relatively sizable niche audience of visual novel and shoot-em-up fans to call its own in the Japanese market.

The latest addition to this impressive portfolio is a remake of Phantom of Inferno, developed by Nitroplus, who also worked on the original PC game. The Xbox 360 version features redone artwork, a new voice track, and a tweaked scenario using the recent anime series by Bee Train as a base. The game will incorporate animated scenes from the anime as well.

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WetN00dle693132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I loved this anime.
It was one of the best that season.
Great love story between 2 assassins with a tragic ending.
Hope it gets released here!