X_GAMER_X5085d ago

Specially this one..LOVED IT

Munky5085d ago

I find the character models still very "halo-esque", which is not a bad thing at all but I personally was hoping for a lot more from Reach graphically. And I know I'm going to get some disagrees for that statement but it's true, I was hoping for Reach to be a major upgrade graphically from the Halo 3, enough to rival certain PS3 titles. Now with that being said that doesn't lower my excitement for the game at all as I'm a huge Halo fan (read majority of the novels & played all the games), because I do realize that the game is still not even in Beta, and they got roughly 8 months to go until it's released... yada yada yada. I just have accepted the fact that Reach will most probably not be a beast when it comes to graphics, but what it will be is the best Halo game ever, and their is no reason to be upset over that. Good gaming folks... Peaz

Fanb0y5085d ago

It's Halo-esque due to the art style. What would you expect?

The level of customization here is great! The armour pieces only being visual is somewhat of a letdown - I want them to affect me in some way - but doing so would be bad game design. Why reward players who played longer with the ability to kill others faster?
Halo's always been about balance.

From all the new info we've been getting, Reach is going to be the ULTIMATE online shooter. It literally has everything the ideal, dream shooter would have, plus more.

Ace_Shooter5085d ago

dude, except for some minor details, they look almost the same lol
and he did say "halo-esque"

Gish5085d ago

@ fanboy

The upgrades are cosmetic only?? I hope thats not the case. There is so much potential in specing out your spartan in certain areas. Am I reading your post wrong?

Deuce Bigalow5085d ago

Primed to be the best multiplayer game of the generation, if not all time.

Dnied5085d ago

Screw what it looks like lol the features are lookin great
Interface too..

I'm just a bit worried about the um.. ..jetpacks..

JokesOnYou5085d ago (Edited 5085d ago )

"dude, except for some minor details, they look almost the same"

-uhm the pics only show the difference in charachter models, no environments, lighting etc, so those "minor details" all add up to make Reach look much better visually than Halo3, >>>zoom in on the pics N4PS3G linked (I used the "snap" feature from Windows 7 to compare them side by side) and just look at the difference in the details between the armour and the weapons, they are alot more grittier, you can see the ridges in his gloves, "UNSC" labels on his helmet, dirt, color all the way down to scratch marks= none of which are present in the Halo3 pics. Anybody can ignore the differences between 2 games and just say what you said "dude, except for some minor details, UC2 looks almost the same as the first one". lol, truth is theres some huge differences between the 2, just like with Reach and on top of that lets also remember the game is far from fininshed and of course what really matters a helluva lot more to Reach than graphics is the superb gameplay Halo is known for and of course all the creative features and concepts Bungie is working their asses off to put in the game.


SixZeroFour5085d ago

@Gish - nope, he is right, its all just for you to customize and personalize the look of your own specific spartan, but it IS going to be used in both multiplayer and single player as well as the cutscenes...its basically so that you can further differentiate yourself a bit more from the countless others playing REACH

@Munky and Ace_Shooter - damn, i was hoping for a GeOW-esque game while playing HALO...its like you want the fps genre to have one specific "look"...this is the halo universe we are playing, why would you expect it to look like anything else? honestly

did killzone 2 not look like killzone 1 except with minor/major graphical enhancements? did GeOW 2 not look like GeOW 1 with graphical enhancements? what do you expect when playing a certain franchise? for it to completely change its look and completely abandon what its known to look like?

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hoops5085d ago

The game already looks better then Halo 3.

Fishy Fingers5085d ago (Edited 5085d ago )

Yeah of course, Halo 3 is poor (visually) by today's standard. Dont get touchy (hardcore) fans, I personally think it is. Reach look's much better, darker, a more mature Halo hopefully.

Bnet3435085d ago

That's because today's standards are realism with brown and gray colors. I don't think there is a more polished and feature filled game then Halo 3 and soon Halo Reach. Of course you can say "Well Reach doesn't look better than Killzone 2" That's true, but Killzone 2 had a campaign and online multiplayer and it stopped there. Did not even have online coop. People just like to focus on the graphics way too much and disregard everything else. It's a sad thing to see. I enjoyed Halo 3's colors over the usual brown and gray.

005085d ago

It would be cool if they release free DLC though out the games life to increase re-playability. Reach is going to be so fun.

SixZeroFour5085d ago

if its like halo 3, theyll release dlc at a cost when its new, but then make it free when they release new dlc

GR8 15085d ago

G.O.T.Y. 2010 enough of conversation.

5085d ago
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