Five Reasons Why Final Fantasy XIII is the Best in the Series

Dick Ward writes:

"Superstition tells us that thirteen is an unlucky number. When it comes to the Final Fantasy series, superstition is dead wrong. I've got five reasons why Final Fantasy 13 is the best installment yet."

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cyguration3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Final Fantasy VI will always be my favorite and it marks the end of Square's consistent storytelling revolving around a plot that carried through for six games and concluded with a nice, endearing finish. That's not to mention that Nobuo Uematsu put out his absolute best work for that game and it's still highly praised throughout the music community to this day.

Oh yeah, and I completely agree with the article about FFVII...dang I hated Cloud and his prissy attitude so much. He was boring, unbeliavable and annoying. The ten year old fanboys would probably disagree, along witht he emo girl-gamers who love stilted, androgynous looking males, but dang FFVII (with the exception of Vincent) annoyed me almost as much as FFVIII.

gonzodamus3127d ago

Six is amazing, there's no doubt about it. I'd have to debate the idea of Square ever having consistent storytelling or a plot. FFVI didn't have anything to do with the elemental crystals, for example.

cyguration3127d ago

My memory is a bit rusty but the crystals were from the Espers after they died. Now I can't completely recall it correctly but Galuf in Final Fantasy V was part of the other world that was at war with Ex-Death, which was alluded to in FFVI as the Esper world.

FFIII and FFIV tie-in as well...I just can't completely remember what Cecil and Kain were doing with the crystal and how it affected FFV. I used to remember, oh well. Maybe one day I'll go back and re-read it all. I just remember after playing them all in succession I thought it was awesome how they all linked in some way.

gonzodamus3127d ago

Oh, I see what you mean. Initially I thought you were saying that they had a large story tying them together, rather than a common thread.

I guess I could see the Espers as being related to the elemental crystals. As far as FFV goes, it's been far too long since I've played it. Loved that one though, the job classes were boss :)

WildArmed3127d ago

Agreed, FF6 is the best FF ever..
with Espers and Locke! :D and that badass NINJA!

btw.. i'm still trying to think how point number 1 has any relation to the quality of the game?

gonzodamus3127d ago

@skv007 - While it didn't effect the actual quality of playing the game, it's a landmark decision that allows more people to access it. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it does affect how it's perceived. It's a less obvious value bonus, but it's pretty huge in the scheme of things.

For example, I actually got to play it without having to a buy a new system. It makes FFXIII a $60 game instead of a $310 game. I dig that :p

jakethemuss3127d ago

20 reasons why ff13 is not the best in the series.

Reibooi3127d ago

Now anyone who has followed my comments about FFXIII will know I am a avid defender of the game. I loved the game and thought it was incredible. That said it is not the best game in the series. All the reasons here are good reasons for why the game is really good but not a good argument for the best in the series.

There really is no best in the series. It's all subjective. For example my opinion is that 6 7 and 8 are equally as good however many out there will argue that 8 sucks 7 is over rated and 6 is the best.

I will also say that I think FFIX was the worst but then there will be people tearing me about saying it's the best.

It's subjective plain and simple.

I think alot of the reason people are so up in arms about FFXIII is they don't like change. In most ways FFXIII would not have worked as a normal FF game. There are story line reasons and game play reasons for why the game has no towns and is so liner. I'm sure if there was towns people would have been complaining about "Why are they able to stop and talk to everyone without people freaking out that they are L'Cie and having the guards come and kill them" You simply cannot please everyone.

iamtehpwn3127d ago

Before I finish writing this comment, I'm going to read.
Multiplatform Better NOT be listed as a reason.

Just finished reading.
After reading #1, I can safely say, Fake and gay.

hellraiserpop3127d ago

FF13 reminded me a lot of VI, and I think it could've been better than VI too, if it had a more well defined antagonist (I'm 40 hours into the game and still have no clue who the real enemy is), and some open ended exploration. And probably a slightly bigger cast too. And more summons.

k2d3126d ago

Claimed by someone who:
-haven't played The Best Games in the Series
-doesn't have a clue what they're talking about
-are obnoxious fanboys [and/or]
-are owned by Microsoft

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3sq3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )


FF Tactics is the best and the second is FF VI.

Edit: Below why would you skip the story? that's the best part. That's why it's better than 6 so many twists and turns (The same goes for Vagrant Story).

gonzodamus3127d ago

Tactics is sweet, but really.. the best? I love the gameplay, but the incredibly dull and unskippable story segments make that game hard to play.

I wish they'd put calculators in other FF games though. Coolest class idea ever. Killing with math.

ShinnokDrako3127d ago

Tactics is great, i love that game, from the mechanics to the story, it has nothing to envy to the "big brothers" (VI, VII etc).
It was different but still great and with the FF feeling (something i can't feel with ffxiii tho...)

wollie3123d ago

YES! tactics is the best. Followed by 12, 6, 9, and 13 in no particular order.

Graffin3127d ago

Six is still my fav, as well.

NateNater3127d ago

Nothing beats FF7s story. Nothing!

gonzodamus3127d ago

Really? I've never been impressed with the story. That 'going inside of Cloud's head' segment? Oof.

I loved Materia though :D

cyguration3127d ago

what made the story so good?

The only thing people refer to is how good Sephiroth was as a bad guy and that they didn't pull a few punches with the story arc involving the characters. Otherwise, it was just sort of a (pre-apocalyptic?) steam-punk, action-adventure romp with a stereotypical cast of characters.

I will admit that Final Fantasy VII had some of the best atmospheric settings and environmental aesthetics ever created for an RPG, though.

WildArmed3127d ago


Story wise I think FF6 and FF10 are up there.

I dont remember the story of FF7 jumping off the page.
Dont get me wrong, each FF has a amazing detailed history and background and all are simply amazing.

but to me, (played all FFs) FF6 n FF10 really jumped out.

ikaris3127d ago

For the exact same reasons you could argue those as negative points.

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