Fat Princess expands with two free DLC maps today

Have you made a date with the Fat Princess on PS3 lately? If not, perhaps this news will entice you to jump back on: a new patch today will add two new maps to the online PSN game.

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guitarded773182d ago

Cool, glad to see they're still supporting this game... I'll have to make some time to play a couple rounds.

Myst3182d ago just pure awesome. Still getting free DLC for the game, I will most certainly have to get back in the game again. Sadly I have to start over since my data didn't carry over, I believe it was locked...either way it's a fun game I wouldn't mind starting over.


Made all these bots pay for it .

cfountain3182d ago

i think the only reason we got this was because a new team is over it instead of Titan Studios, who pretty much left it to die. anyway, downloaded the patch and a lot of people are online playin on the new maps.

kanetheking3182d ago

that the new team want's to give us something for free.they get my respect.

Redempteur3182d ago

Did you see that ??

That's how you support your game post release.