"We Were Not Able To Create Enough Fun Products In 2009," Says Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted in an interview with The Economist that Nintendo was unable to give players what they want, fun games, in 2009 and so the company's performance was less than stellar.

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respawnaction3223d ago

They are making up for it this year

-Alpha3223d ago

Nintendo really needs to work double time IMO. Haven't been interested with the Wii at all. Their First party games are top notch, but I'd like to see some more stuff coming from them.

gaffyh3223d ago

@article - Where's captain obvious when you need him?

smash-brother-103223d ago

Yeah it does seem like they are making up for it this year with what's been announced (Galaxy2, Metroid, sin & Punishment 2, etc. etc..) although I really do believe that they will have quite a few surprises at e3 for what's to come towards the end of the year...Plus if Zelda is this year then that would more than make up for it :)

mjolliffe3223d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with Galaxy 2, but would love more!

movements3223d ago

I haven't heard much about their E3 plans except for 3DS talk. Will be interesting to see what they show off...

barakiu3223d ago

what does he think of this year?

tunaks13223d ago

2010 will make up for it,
xenoblade, sin and punishment 2, The Last Story, Zelda Wii, Galaxy 2, Other M, and all the other goodness

spooky2053222d ago

nintendo realized that people that buy good games cant buy good games if you dont have any on your system. This year looks very promising unlike 2009 when i only bought 2 wii games the entire year! vs. 4 360 games and 5 ps3 games.

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