New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow information

Konami has revealed some new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow details such as the game's environment variety, soundtrack arrangement and a returning enemy.

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mjolliffe3223d ago

Can't wait for this one :)

thedarkestfaction3223d ago

You said it!!! With Kojima behind it, this may become an amazing franchise on next-gen consoles

kalebgray923223d ago

but i will buy this day 1.... but oh my god of war 3 has satisfied me till summer

tinybigman3223d ago

is still the best castlevania game to me, but i hope this one can live up to it. i've been dying for a great castlevania game in 3D

deafwing3223d ago

this one could be really good and I am guessing with Kojima helping out the team working on the game, Konami can not really go wrong. However, for me, SOTN is on a pedestal that no other game in the series can move. It would just be great if this 3D version is done well and better than the last 3D debacle they released.

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KonohagakureFC3223d ago

The main character kinda looks like a mix of the prince of persia and kratos.. lets hope gameplay is as good

authentic243223d ago

looks horrid compared to GOW III. I am completely ruined because of GOW..... Arggggghhhhhh. Hopefully the gameplay is really good.

thedarkestfaction3223d ago

I was in complete awe playing GOW 3. The videos online did not do it justice, it was so fluid.

ThatArtGuy3223d ago

The returning enemy is Dracula?

Am I right? Am I right?!?

mistajeff3223d ago

I remember when they first announced this game as a Castlevania title, they mentioned it was open-world. Does anyone know if that's still true? Or did they opt for a more linear or level-based design?

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