PS3 Gamers Rejoice: Section 8 Arrives With Better Graphics And Gameplay

Blend Games "Presumably, the game should run better and look better at a fraction of the original cost that Section 8 carried for the Xbox 360 and PC. In other words, PS3 gamers are getting more game for a cheaper price. There's certainly nothing wrong with that."

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kaveti66163223d ago

That really doesn't change much. Graphics are a secondary thing, and although performance is a good factor, the core game is still mediocre. I'm glad that the developers delayed the PS3 version and tried to make it a better looking and better performing game. I applaud them for that. But at the end of the day, knowing that their game was poorly received and still choosing to release a marginally better version without altering the core gameplay is a stupid thing to do. My advice to them would be to try and work on improving the features that were criticized before, rather than updating the visuals and lowering the price. But what do I know? Some people might like it.

bruddahmanmatt3222d ago

Good grief. How much did they pay this tool for his "blog post"? Not a good sign when your publisher refuses to (because it sucks) or is unable to (because of financial reasons) publish your game. Not a good sign when a supposedly full retail title at launch for the 360 and PC shows up on the PS3 almost a year later as a half priced PSN download only game. I mean seriously. From everything I've seen S8 even looks overpriced at $30. $10 bargain bin or GTFO, not to mention I'd want it on a disc so that this shovelware wouldn't be taking up space on my HDD.