Yakuza 3: The Best Japanese RPG You're (Probably) Not Playing

Bitmob's Jay Henningsen admits that this Japanese franchise does bear some superficial resemblance to the ubiquitous GTA brand. However, he has found it to be a much deeper and enjoyable experience, and offers up several reasons you should give this game a look.

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himdeel3127d ago bummed I couldn't afford to get it and GOW3 on the same day :(

nix3126d ago

i'm picking this one up too...

bearsfaan3127d ago

I want to play this one, but have yet to play the first two. Not sure if I should go back and play those, or just start here.

showtimefolks3126d ago

both those games were fun and i say play em if you can but yakuza 3's main menu will let you watch the story for 1st and 2nd no voices but subtitles

so buy yakuza 3 worry free you will be able to catch upto the story i bough it on release its awsome

Abriael3126d ago

It's an awesome game. I bought it, even if I feel a little dirty every time I play it for having supported a developer that cut a game during localization, something that wasn't acceptable in the nineties and is even less acceptable now.