Skip Xbox 360 Slim, I Am Ready For Xbox 720

GT: It's officially unofficial, the Xbox 360 Slim is on its way and will be revealed at E3 this June, or so the rumors go. Many gamers already gave their opinions on the matter with most of them being positive towards an Xbox 360 Slim announcement. But I, Ernice Gilbert, don't want Microsoft to play "monkey see monkey do" with Sony and release a slimmer version of its venerable console. Personally, I'm ready for the Xbox 720. And I have a ton of reasons why.

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immortal843132d ago

maybe in 2012 we will have an announcement. Don't expect it any sooner.

RememberThe3573132d ago

I don't want new systems yet, and we're not going to get them yet so I'm happy.

MrMacabre3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

MS fanboys are starting to see the Playstation doing so well and they are panicking, wishing a new console on the world because they know the Xbox is starting to feel out-dated.

This article is the result of the fear of a fanboy, a fear that their console will lose exclusivity, developer focus and reputation rendering their gamerscore impotent.

There's no need for this speculation and no need for a new generation of consoles yet and to force a new console onto the public in such a poor economic climate would be a terrible mistake. If MS just built up its core dev team and continued to pump out great exclusives then the Xbox can definitely survive a few more years and do very well doing it.

Natsu X FairyTail3132d ago

Way too early for the new Xbox.

cyborg69713132d ago

I'm happy with what we have now. With the economy the way it is and unemployment still high it would make no sense to come out with new hardware. And I'm an early adopter to new tech. There is still a lot of juice in this console to not tap into it would p!ss a ton of fans off.

keysy4203132d ago

you cant just release a console to be ahead of the pack, that would be dumb look with devs not fully utilizing this gen bringing another raises cost and alienates a whole audience. sure a few hardcore will buy your system but ultimately an ps3.5 can be release at a cheaper price than the competition as dev cost will have died down as the 720 searches for footing.
that wil cause a rift in your audience. If you can get a system that is more powerful, and cheaper then you will be done. the 720 which doesnt even sell inthe land of the rising sun, you could kill off your game market. although you may not think so its pretty important but you need to watch the competition and base decisions off what they are doing.