Don't expect Kingdom Hearts 3 before 2012

The Ultimania series are guide books published in Japan solely for Square Enix RPGs, with 38 releases so far, beginning with Final Fantasy VIII in 1999. Anyways, apart from scenario guides and walkthroughs, these books also contain interviews with the development staff of the games.

So the Ultimania guide book for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (on PSP) will be going on sale in Japan today. The FF Reunion fansite already got their hands on the Ultimania guide and condensed some points from a Tetsuya Nomura interview regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. Nomura said that there are two Kingdom Hearts games currently being made, none of which is Kingdom Hearts 3. He said that the development of KH3 is dependant on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as the entire staff is busy working on the latter title once Final Fantasy XIII was finished last year.

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stonecold13126d ago

because theres alot of rpg and alot of aaaa games coming out on ps3 plus we get final fantasy vs 13 on the way and kindgom hearts 3 will be in my ps3 collection games libary same with final fantasy vs 13 as long as its exclusive to ps3

Rock Bottom3126d ago

When SE says don't expect it before 2012, it means it's coming out on 2014 at earliest.

3126d ago
gamerzBEreal173125d ago

lol maybe kingdom hearts3 is the cause for the end of the world? that's just how good it will be?