Bad Company 2 Engineer Kit Strategy Guide

Bright Hub writes: "If you've ever driven a vehicle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then chances are that you have found yourself on the wrong end of a well-placed RPG or anti-tank mine a time or two.

Of course, chances are equally good that you've been saved just in the nick of time by a repair-tool wielding friendly engineer.

When it comes to repairing or destroying vehicles, the Bad Company 2 engineer has no equal (nor any competitors, as they are they only ones who can do so), but that's not all this versatile class can do. Check out our full guide to the Engineer Kit."

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gonzodamus3128d ago

It's fun being the less obvious classes. :)

TheBand1t3127d ago

Get Carl-Gustav
Equip explosive pouches
Equip better explosive damage

Autowin almost every fight

Axll3127d ago

This is aweseome! I'm always the engineer on my team and I hated it but this guide makes it seem much more interesting.