Modern Warfare 2 haters are still playing, says Infinity Ward

CVG: Infinity Ward community boss Robert Bowling has claimed that a backlash from hardcore gamers over Modern Warfare 2 hasn't hurt the title's popularity - because its detractors are still playing online.

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Blaster_Master3221d ago

Wow, what are you doing stalking people now? FYI I sold both my copies of MW2 and ended up just buying COD4 all over again. Yes Cod4 is a way more fun experience IMHO. All the bells and whistles to MW2's online has really killed my desire for the series.

pangitkqb3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'm not surprised and nobody else really is either. All the hubub and boycotts and then...millions of copies later a good portion of complainers are online.

Now, of course, there are some who stayed true to their word, but I personally know several so-called boycotters who I see playing MW2 all the time.

Personally, I've been enjoying Battfield Bad company 2 as of late.

Still, MW2 is a good time. To each their own.

nycredude3221d ago

Um wrong again. Mag has ALL my time now. I haven't even picked up BC2!

Foliage3221d ago

MAG is freaking awesome. I can't go back to anything else.

smittyjerkins3221d ago

I want to play MW2 just so I can level up, get the nuke killstreak and drop the nuke. Yet at the same time, everytime I get on MW2 it ends the same way. Shutting off my PS3 in frustration after 30 minutes and walking away.

wicko3221d ago

Hell I didn't even bother buying the game, and originally I thought it was a sure thing until they shat all over the PC version.

peeps3221d ago

"MAG is freaking awesome. I can't go back to anything else."

at first i loved it but seriously are you not bored to death of the same 3 maps per mode.

cyborg69713221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I had such high hopes for this game at first. Then the pc price hike, along with no dedicated servers. And of course the attitude you could see it and hear it. Bowling on bonus round at gt oh we'll get some game of the years. That really put me off.

Then as launch day approached I got on the hype train again, cause a ton of my friends and I played MW1 all the time, so I found myself at the midnight launch with my buds. Then I started to play that POS, and it all changed.

You couldn't hook up with friends, javelin glitch, care package glitch ice skating. And of course the lag. All of this and the noob friendly aim assist killed it for me.

I mean how do you mess up this game. Especially after MW1 really a NUKE. Give me a break. They f'd it up big time losing most of they're hardcore fans, the ones who made it that big in the first place.

If it wasn't for the killstreaks and over the top aim assist this game could have been ace. I just don't understand why great games have to get watered down.

How many peeps out there would react harshly to this game if it had:

1. No lag.

2. No aim assist.

3. And the same killstreaks as MW1

Just think it would actually take a little talent to get some kills. But no instead we have a huge selling game where the majority just starting gaming this gen thinking that they are the shizzle, and talking mad crap like they have skill. Just think if this games controls were like killzone 2 or bfbc2 how many peeps would buy it and not talk smack about it then.

Screw this game and the next one and the one after that and the one after that and after that...ect

I think that the players that have been playing this series since the first feel that it needs to prove itself again before it will match the sales of MW2. That's the only way I will ever get another COD again. And if they do I'm still buying it second hand PHUCK activision.

menoyou3221d ago

i for one didnt buy this rehash, but ill think about it when it hits the bargain bin

ryano232773221d ago

Yeah I too have enjoyed MAG more than MW2. BFBC2 is a great alternative to MAG.

@ peeps - No, I don't get sick of the same 3 maps per mode. As I've always seen in Domination as defending A+B as 1 map, C+D as another, E+F & G+H.

Those same 3 maps are also better designed than the X amount of maps in MW2. I am still finding new paths & I've clocked in over 100hrs.

Fanb0y3221d ago

This just shows now N4G users represent a miniscule minority of the actual gamer population.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3221d ago

Modern Warfare 2 maps are really really bad. MW1 had much better maps. Overgrown, crossfire, ambush. All great maps. Wasteland, Highrise and Karachi. All terrible. MW2 is just poor. Much too easy. Pred, Harrier, Chopper gunner repeat. Heart beat sensors? Who actually thought that'd be a good idea? It doesn't reduce camping, just increases it.

jadenkorri3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

the game had no beta test, we got the final beta, but i have to admit the killstreaks was a good idea... the nuke, maybe not. If you have a decent team, AC130s or Attackchoppers are down in seconds, if you wait it out, some people are stupid enough to keep going outside for kills without cold blooded on. And please guys, this is to all MW2 players, have cold blooded with your stinger/javelin, its just common sense.

Boody-Bandit3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Most people I know stopped playing MW2 a few weeks after it came out. Most of the rest stopped when BFBC2 was released. I have maybe one or two people on my XBL and PSN list still playing MW2 on a regular basis. I myself haven't touched MW2 since BFBC2 released. I doubt I will ever go back. It's not just the performance issues (bugs and glitches) but the horribly balancing of the game.

Sorry IW but MW2 has taken a HUGE step backwards from COD4 MW.
I don't play broken games and your arrogance wont win people over. If anything these dipshits should offer the DLC for free for such a horrid game.

I don't know about the "REAL" gamers on this site but I am sick to death of developers releasing broken games like MW2 and then having the balls to not only not fix but talk smack on top of it. IW I can honestly say I have zero interest in your next title. Here is to hoping Treyarch does a better job with their next version than you and (EA) Medal of Honor lives up to the hype.

Until then I will be playing BFBC2!

BWS19823221d ago

is still going strong. Haven't played a second of the game, and I'm one of the biggest FPS fans around.

mikepmcc3221d ago

Hahaha, what a crock, I sold it last week after buying it at midnight launch...battlefield all the way.

IdleLeeSiuLung3221d ago

then why the heck is it still at top played game on PSN/Xbox Live? Why the heck is it still at the top seller list every month?

Either many of the people here are hypocrites or the people here are insignificant minority in the gaming world. Heck, it might just be both!

BWS19823221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

or maybe some are lying. I'm not, I didn't buy it out of principle as I said I planned.

Syronicus3220d ago

I tend to play MW2, hardcore team deathmatch exclusively and do not drift towards other game modes and find that I do not encounter the glitches and hacks that most complain about. I do however agree with IW, the haters talk the talk but they do not walk the walk. Why is this? Because no matter how much they want to hate on MW2, it is still more fun than any other game out there. You can deny it and hate me too but it is not going to change the fact that MW is a blast and there are way more people playing it than any other game.

vhero3220d ago

I sold my copy a week after buying I completed single player and played multiplayer for 1 day. With the cash I bought arkham asylum and what a trade that was! Best trade I ever made. I know have Bad Company 2 and had it for 4 weeks and not traded it..

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Karlnag33221d ago

playing bad company 2 and cod4 instead. Both MUCH better experiences.

chak_3221d ago

playing BC2, but then I'm not a hater, just a laugher and ignorer

electricshadow3221d ago

you continue to fail each day. I sold that game weeks ago and haven't looked back. I will never purchase another CoD game, ever. I'm onto BC2. You know, a GOOD game. Of course, you wouldn't know anything about it since you made CoD:4. You enjoy your bags of money because you're not getting another penny from me ever again.

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