This Is One Kratos You Don't Want to Mess With

GB writes: "Over at the launch party of God of War 3 in Brazil, Sony were able to find some guy who looks exactly like Kratos. The similarities are just striking. Just watch the following videos and you will know what I am talking about."

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Godmars2903219d ago

"Please don't let this guy get too into character - I don't want to die!"

Second thing I'm thinking of course, "Wouldn't it be cool if he got too much into character and started beating the sh!t out of everyone there!"

Microsoft Xbox 3603219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Hilarious but definitely one the most awesome cosplay I have ever seen. The attention to detail is simply amazing. The heavy breathing, fighting stance, lifting the door open, etc... Now if he had a half naked chick aka Aphrodite next to him, my mind would have been blown.

MAR-TYR-DOM3219d ago

How many steroids injections did that guy take? He makes barry bonds look like a child :P I have to admit that looks pretty damn close to the real kratos though!

solidt123219d ago

I wish a Minotaur would of just jumped on him out of no where and he ripped it's mouth apart squirting blood everywhere. Yeah that's what's missing

presto7173219d ago

Golden Fleece would have made it even cooler.

sikbeta3219d ago

lol that was Awesome, I want the Blades of Chaos...

Darkfocus3219d ago

he's a giant did you see how much taller he is then everyone else once he walks forward a bit 8.

gta28003219d ago

I'm gonna push to make that my 2010 Halloween costume!

qface643219d ago

the sad thing is if they make a GOW movie whoever the kratos they get wont look even remotely close to this


I live in Brazil, Sao Paulo (where this happened), but I missed the midnight launch (thanks college, never hated it so much).

Many of my friends where there. I asked them and the muscles are real, the makeup looks better in the video then for real. The guy didn't talk because apparently not only the voice don't match but also he is not a good english speaker and the promoter of the event didn't want to make it sound odd.

Funniest think that where also captured in the video is that some guys wanted to call security as a prank (you can hear ''chama o segurança'' just before the end of the video), just imagine Kratos getting angry and beating the hell out of the poor guy. lol

Now, this was one of the real rare midnight launchs in here, Sony made a lot of promises for Brazil and has fullfilled a little. They have the PS2 factory ready, but it's not producing PS2s here for some reason, also the games are still all import (official PS3 game price is 199R$, which is like 110US$, not going down if they keep importing thanks to abusive tax from gov, but that is actually GOOD compared to what some game prices reached before, specially at legal stores). And where the hell is my Brazillian PS Store, there is a PSN setted, but it's running on US servers, there is no store or home, my real adress only let me play games and that's it. Just recently brazillians have been prompted to that turning off error complaint screen, and there is little to no support from Sony for peripheral or consoles, everyone still getting them on grey market, same for third party games...

I know they are just getting started at Brazil and Latin America as a whole, but they need to step up, MS and Ninty are becoming more price and support agressive here too.

DeZv33218d ago

It looked particularly impressive right after he lifted the door open and started looking around...looked exactly like Kratos.

Very good cosplay.

gaffyh3218d ago

Wow this guy actually does look very similar to Kratos

pixelsword3218d ago

They should have had someone tapping a big circle button while he was doing it.

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Slasher3219d ago

roam aimlessly and grunt ever so often - perfect!

belal3219d ago


now if he has the voice, there you got your kratos for the movies lol :P


So this kratos can kill them all

Mr Tretton3219d ago

That's pretty creepy. I think some of those people were scared!

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