Fallout: New Vegas: Interaction To Be The Biggest Difference To Fallout 3

In a recent interview Videogameszone had the chance to talk to Chris Avellone, Creative Director at Obsidian. The biggest difference between Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas: Last one will set its focus more on interaction with the various factions. More info after the link.

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Hellsvacancy3129d ago

Well lookin 4-ward to playin Fallout Vegas, its out this year aint it? Rage is another game im really lookin 4-ward to

MrDorit3129d ago

I am really looking forward to get this game in my hands :D
I'm not really into games with RPG-elements normally, but Fallout 3 really just had a perfect balance with the elements that it contained IMO; a little RPG, a little FPS and a lot of adventure and exploring.

Looks like New Vegas is going to take it to the next step, and improve all the things that Fallout 3 did right.