Marines: Modern Urban Combat coming to the Wii June 2010

Northamptonshire, UK Thursday 25th March 2010 – O Games announces Marines: Modern Urban Combat the new squad based shooter, exclusively for the Wii, out June 2010.

Become a Marine in this compelling and realistic squad based military shooter, using the tactics and tools of the real US Marine Corps. Lead your squad through the deadly streets of Beirut and command them to their posts using the intuitive Wii Remote controls.

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tunaks13221d ago

dont be fooled I saw a gameplay video and it looks horrifying. It actually looked like a n64 game, and I know people throw that around but this time it does. Save your money get Reflex or RedSteel 2.

lil boy blue3220d ago

thanks for the info if they can improve their graphic engine and add wii speak I could consider it. if not reflex is the way to go.