First screenshots in high res from the 'Stimulus-DLC' for MW 2

Infinity Ward released the first screenshots in high resolution from the 'Stimulus Package' for Modern Warfare 2.

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neotom3132d ago

I'm playing MW2 since months and looking forward to the DLC. But the price isn's nice...

MerkinMax3132d ago

This really shows how little the graphics have improved. I think IW literally ported the maps from MW to MW2.

Heimdall3132d ago

... but not really a bargain

Keanu7773132d ago

I like the helicopter map - good screens!

tudors3131d ago

as it looks, I haven't been on in a while, is the multiplayer still plagued with cheats?

madara0sama3131d ago

"Yeah, all pricing is handled by Activision outside of Infinity Ward." - Robert Bowling


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