Xbox 360 ships 5 million units

In its latest financial reports, Microsoft revealed that over 5 million Xbox 360 units have been shipped, with 3.3 million being shipped in North America, 1.3 million shipped in Europe, and 400,000 shipped in Asia...

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ghostface5407d ago

I thought they sold 5 million 360, not ship 5 million.

TheMART5407d ago

They also sold, read the article somewhere back

DG5407d ago

For a worldwide release and almost a year (9 months) isnt that kind of slow. Thats 556 000 / month about 100 000 more than PS2 in its final life cycle. No Im not flaming Im one of the 5 Mil. so keep your lid on Marty! Just stating the facts.

EVER OLVERA5407d ago

Depends how you see it. The Nintendo DS Lite is 129.99 and the PS2 is about the same. The Xbox 360 is twice the price. For some people twice the price makes the difference. This excludes games and accessories. If price is an indication of sales than I wonder what is in store for the PS3...

Shadow Flare5407d ago

if people wanted an xbox console but they didnt like the price, wouldnt they buy the original xbox? The sales of those things are abismal, compared to the ps2 which still sells strong

speaking of which, even though the psone had a fantastic game library and was cheaper, the newly launched and more expensive ps2 outsold the psone briskfully and demand is still high today.

Shouldnt the same be happening with the 360?

TheMART5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

You are counting a bit too rough on that one.

In USA it's on sale from the end of November. In Europe it's on sale from the beginning of December. Other parts of the world, like the big continent Australia only got it recently as parts of Asia like Korea. MS is thinking about launching in China soon.

So for Europe/USA taking the first months big chunck, its just one month in 2005 and we've just half in July. That means 7,5 months after launch. But the 5 million sold was at the end of june. So it's 7 months.

Now do the calculating again:

5.000.000 devided by 7 = 715.000 consoles a month. Take with it that sales are getting in higher gear now more countries get a launch in the last months and probably sales a month will be around 900.000 to 1 million from now on the coming months. It's uncertain about Christmas a bit. Two other consoles will launch, but Wii is just another target group. PS has bad yields on Cell and have no great exclusive @ Christmas to compete with Gears of War or Forza 2.

Empty shelves for Sony and no great game to stand up to those large games on 360 which will be produced enough to sell at Christmas when parents are standing in the shops.

Also, seen the pricepoint of 400 dollars, compared to lower priced other gaming hardware, those figures are really nice at this point in it's life cycle. I also think that it's not only about selling the most hardware. I mean Sony sold 100 million PS2's but a lot of them have been bought by people with those sh*tty DVD drives in their PS2 that gave up on them too soon. Highest attach rates for software and hardware are on 360, now that's important for MS. Games attach rate 4.5, hardware extra's 3 pieces every console, @ E3 2005 3 million Live users gaming online. PS2 1.9 game attach rate. That is giving one a real view on the succes of the console

Shadow Flare5407d ago

game attachment rates dont prove anything because most of ps2s fanbase are casual gamers who dont buy many games

For example:

360: 10 gamers = G.A.R. 4.5

PS2: 30 gamers = G.A.R. 6
70 casual gamers = G.A.R. 1

PS2 avg. = 1.9

for example

ps2 had a much bigger fanbase with the majority of those being casual gamers who buy fewer games. So of course the average game attach rate for ps2 will be lower

but all in all, its pro-sony because the bigger fanbase means more games are being bought on a whole 4 ps2

Marriot VP5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

shadow, PS2 got such a big fanbase with the majority of those being casual gamers because the price was a reasonable 200$ with a respectable game library. The ps2 only sold their bulk of consoles when it reached 200. Which begs the question how successful is 600 gonna be. Even when it drops price to 400 in 2-3 years, what's that gonna look like when the 360 and Wii will be considerably less.

Shadow Flare5407d ago

yeah but casual gamers arent too fussed about buying a next-gen console straight away. Thats why i think casual gamers will stick with their ps2 for a good few years.

Considering sony will be supporting it in the future, theirs no reason not to stick with it. And then when they think of buying a new console, the ps3 will have dropped in price and be loaded with games. Thats something sony has done right. In not dropping the ps2, like ms did with xbox

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pRo loGic II5407d ago

$400 a pop not bad. It's funny how people think PS3 will sell like hot cakes. This PS3land report is complete BS. lol

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