Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Pack: Getting to Know the New Maps

Bitmob's Dan "Shoe" Hsu interviews Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling to learn more about the upcoming maps in Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Pack.

For each multiplayer level, Bowling discusses their "defining personalities," what they remind him of, what types of players will love them, and what types of players will hate them.

Bowling also discusses the exclusion and future possibility of downloadable Spec Ops missions for Modern Warfare 2, as well as the possibility of new perks or rewards. Screenshots and a trailer are included.

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bearsfaan3130d ago

I don't see any mention of them figuring out a way to make me not suck at this game. I would buy DLC if it made me slightly better than the worst online FPS player in history. I am terrible. :(

Gungnir3130d ago

If they're calling it a Stimulus Pack, I want them to pay me to play it.

Excalibur3130d ago

They are appropriately priced. ;)

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