Grumpy Gurevitz: Auch Aye the Noo

Grumpy Gurevitz writes: I was on holiday recently, visiting family in Glasgow. A lovely place with lovely responsible people. Whilst there, we had a day in town to look at some shops and keep my wee one occupied (we had already done Loch Lomond and the transport museum).As one does, we went into a shopping centre and low and behold we were in a store, which also happened to include a GAME. For our international readers, GAME is the largest specialist game retailer in the UK.

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Jockie3130d ago

An all too familiar tale. The thing is, when there's a Daily Mail/Telegraph anti-gaming outcry, it's the same bloody people who buy the games for the youngsters that get angry at gaming.

scruffy_bear3130d ago

Total agree there, it's about time parent wake up to the fact that video games aren't just for kids.

Pidgeridoo3130d ago

Parents need to realise that game's are for adults as they are for kids

mjolliffe3129d ago

Yeah, they're as much for adults as they are kids!

Jim Crikey3129d ago

Age ratings are there for a reason. Everything's there for a reason, maaan.

scruffy_bear3129d ago

While age rating are there some parents choose to igrone them

Pidgeridoo3129d ago

I totally agree with your last statement scruffy