Bioware Countdown is NOT a Game Announcement

TMC: A mysterious countdown appeared on Bioware's website for an unknown announcement that is set to stop on March 29th. Lots of wild speculation is going on right now some of those leaning towards a Star Wars:KOF announcement or even Mass Effect for the ps3. Bioware's PR brings new information and confirms that is not a game announcement but something more focused on the community.

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NYC_Gamer3369d ago

i thought it would be some type of dlc...

Foliage3369d ago

That would be incredibly lame. A countdown to DLC is pathetic.

Foliage3369d ago

Funny that this is in the PS3 secton. I understand it is a multi-platform game, but for the time being the PS3 isn't one of them.

N4PS3G3369d ago

Bioware makes ps3 games..Dragon Age? Makes sense right?