Why I'm Slowly Losing Interest in Kingdom Hearts - Gamervision Editorial

Sarah LeBoeuf of Gamervision writes: "When Kingdom Hearts came out in 2002, I thought there had never been a game more made for me. A Squaresoft role-playing game that merged classic Disney characters with some memorable faces from the Final Fantasy franchise, yet delivered an entirely new and enthralling story and addictive action-RPG gameplay? Done and done. Even before I played it, I knew I loved it, and after playing it multiple times, I loved it even more. I anxiously awaited the release of Kingdom Hearts II, even shelling out for a limited-edition art book strategy guide in early 2006, despite the fact that new games were a rare luxury because of my financial situation at the time. I was living in a tiny studio apartment in Philadelphia, and I vividly remember spending that spring sitting in front of my tiny television, continuing Sora's story as I had waited to do for almost four years."

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LordMarius3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

yes, four years has been too long to wait for another iteration while being annoyed that the handhelds get their own game and by the looks of it KH3 wont be out until Versus comes which is still unknown(next year?). I expect KH3 in 2012...
Perhaps they are just waiting on Disney to create more franchises, we might see Princess and the Frog, etc

no_more_heroes3127d ago

I sincerely hope not. If anything, maybe Race to Witch Mountain (could MAYBE come up with one or two uses for Seth and Sarah's powers). I think they would more want to include FFXIII or Versus XIII characters in it.

JsonHenry3127d ago

Why? Because you turned 12 and now GI Joe is cool and not Mickey?

Sorry, couldn't resist. Don't hate me!

FragGen3127d ago

I'm trying to think of something more gay than merging JRPGs with Disney Characters but I'm failing.

Maybe Pokemon cross licensed with the Care Bears or something?

ThanatosDMC3127d ago

Also, because the plot has become extremely convoluted.

sikbeta3127d ago

As long as they (SE) don't put generic-space-marines and merge it with the already [email protected]/kiddie plot and stuff, I know it can be Worst

*Wada taking notes* -_-

3127d ago
SaiyanFury3127d ago

This sounds typical. I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game, but I've heard other people complain about similar things. It sounds like the same thing I've said about a lot of the things S-E has done. It always ends up coming back to it; Squaresoft was a developer concentrated on making great software. Square-Enix is a corporation concentrated on making profits. The newest Final Fantasy is screaming evidence of this trend. Just personal opinion here, but Squaresoft back in the day ALWAYS put out amazing software who's quality no one dared to question. Ask yourselves. Today, can the same be said of S-E?

NexGen3127d ago

Not only is the author of this article uninformed (KH3 is in development already, check Ultimania that came out today), it basically reads like a diary entry to herself about Kingdom Hearts. Not news, just uninformed opinion.

Thank you Sarah, your concerns have been noted.

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no_more_heroes3127d ago

because these are my thoughts exactly. If good things really come to those who WAIT, KH3 better be the single greatest contribution to human culture of the past, present, future and beyond eternity when it comes out.

N4G4L3127d ago

KH3 sora hits puberty, his feelings towards girls and beyond..

thedarkestfaction3127d ago

Rape Rape Rape, he'll find a way to make love

evrfighter3127d ago

Sora's ball$ won't drop till AT LEAST KH5.

edgeofblade3127d ago

We can just put the KH franchise to bed now. I've watched my wife play through the insufferable piece of sh*t games several times now. I've still got the Atlantis music stuck in my head.

I've tried to follow the story, and it's an impossible jumble of story tied together with fan-servicey Disney tripe. I found a slinky left in the drier is easier to untangle.

thedarkestfaction3127d ago

The next best thing is to press Z to follow your dreams, but you will fail

bjornbear3127d ago

chia LeBoeuf 's sister? =P

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