Top 5 upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives after Splinter Cell: Conviction

After playing Splinter Cell Conviction in a few days, you can look foreward to 5 other top-exclusives for Xbox 360 in 2010.

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BeaArthur3129d ago

Everything except for Natal and Fable 3 for me.

Deuce Bigalow3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Along with Mass Effect 2 and Halo Reach, Alan Wake has everything to be the GOTY 2010. Crackdown 2 and Fable 3 also look sick.

What a phenomenal line-up, and it should get even better after E3.

presto7173129d ago

Alan Wake looks good too.

-MD-3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Are there any other Rare fans on this site? They have a bunch of stuff lined up for E3 I'm sure (4 projects I hear). It's a pretty exciting year.

Natsu X FairyTail3129d ago

I hope they'll show Killer Instict3, Perfect Dark and Conquer Bad fur day.

-MD-3129d ago

My god I would do a freakin backflip if that happened.

KionicWarlord2223129d ago a big fan of conquer and killer instinct .

Killer instinct a little more though .

-MD-3129d ago

I feel like I need to point out that it's spelled Conker since you both wrote it wrong lol. No worries just sayin :P

lowcarb3129d ago

Big Rare fan here! With all the time they've been given I just hope to see some exciting things.

Silly gameAr3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I'm definitely a Rare fan. From Donkey Kong Country for Super NES till now. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

-MD-3129d ago

Somebody went down the list and gave all my posts a disagree. That's pretty funny but expected.

ryuzu3129d ago

Rare these days isn't like Rare of old... I imagine they're working on Natal stuff and that's perhaps just as well - I don't think they could do justice to their back catalog anymore.


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GiantEnemyCrab3129d ago

I'm not going to fill out my list until after E3 but Alan Wake, SC:C and Crackdown 2 will be mine!

AliTheBrit193129d ago

?!??! You have another Xbox 360?

WhoopDiDoo3129d ago

I dont think that splinter cell will excite me... but the others are cool. I hope Natal doesn't get the same crap like PlayStation Move

AliTheBrit193129d ago

Fable III - Day one buy, I loved Fable II

All the others except Natal crap I will be renting at the very least :)

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The story is too old to be commented.